If You Give Me a Couch…

Those of you who are familiar with the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by, Laura Joffe Numeroff might be able to guess where this story is going.

Yes, it all began with a couch. Our former couch, (god rest it’s soul), was an Ikea purchase when my husband and I were first married. We knew nothing of couches, but had an idea of what we wanted. We didn’t have much money and we had NO furniture. We were shocked when we went to furniture stores and found we would have to wait up to 6 weeks to get a couch. What!? We weren’t replacing a couch, we were starting from scratch. Enter Ikea. The couch was affordable, the wait was short and most importantly it was long enough for my 6’7” husband to lay down on. The color wasn’t ideal, but neutral enough and we figured it would hide a mess. The couch had a full life. We completely wore it out!

See it in the background there? (check out the old floors) It was a dark green/brown color. Needless to say when we bought our house we already owned our couch so we picked colors that complemented that couch. Our choices were somewhat limited. Since we have an open floor plan our entire house was more or less designed off of this couch (which we were so over). So just about five years later it was time to replace it.

This was an endeavor I took very seriously. At this point I knew there were things I wanted and didn’t want. Buying a couch for this space with this family made me look at couch buying in a whole new way. In our living room you may notice one whole wall is windows. Another wall is half gone due to the dining room opening. Another wall is the entryway to the house so you have to be sure to leave a walk way.  The living room is long and narrow. This layout presented its share of problems and I knew I needed a couch that could take them on. I also knew I had a baby coming any day now (spit up anyone?) and a toddler at home. Our couches are not for show! I stay at home with two children, they get some serious use. Since little ones are in bed we are stuck home most nights of the week and guess where you find us? That is right, the couch! So after reading several reviews and shopping several places online and in person I knew what I wanted (cue music).

Pottery Barn‘s Pearce 3 piece sectional with wedge in Everyday suede. I loved the way it looked. Since a couch anchors a living room I knew I wanted mine to be a blank canvas. I change my mind way too often to be tied to a couch that tied me to a color scheme. Fabric that was meant to hold up. A shape that worked perfectly in my space. A size that allowed the whole family to curl up (and yes, my husband can lay down), and lastly durability. Yes, it still is a pretty chunk of change…even though I bought it on sale. But with a piece this important in terms of comfort, use, and design it was worth it. I know some similar couches exist for slightly cheaper, but Pottery Barn’s reputation for their furniture and customer service ultimately made them the winner. That customer service came in handy, because when our couch was back ordered/delayed we were given a merchandise credit for our inconvenience (more on that later).

And there she is in all her lovely glory! Quinn loves running laps on her and jumping from one side to the other. I thought she would last a long time, but the way he uses her I am starting to wonder. So there is my couch…my blank canvas. The blank canvas that made me say, “Hey! We can paint the living room any color we want now”. This led to the dining room and kitchen being repainted as well. New paint led to new drapes, which led to new pillows, which led to new art, which led to new accessories, which led to….well, ultimately this blog. So like I said, if you give a mouse a cookie…

  • Anonymous

    I should let you loose in my house. That's probably the only way itwould ever get done! :)

  • Laurie Tatum


  • Suzanne

    Beautiful job! I'm working on my living room next, can't wait for the finished product. Right now as I type, my littlest one has dumped a box of Lego on the floor! Ack! Help!

  • Megan

    Thanks! Mine is always dumping things out too and I don't seem to be too good at training him to clean up.