Makeover Monday: Rummage Sale Clock

I have a makeover that is sure to cure a case of the Mondays. You may remember my clock from my rummage sale post. You may remember that the clock part didn’t even work. That was fine by me because I never meant to use it as a clock. Some of you may have noticed a trend in home decor, the sunburst mirror.

This Bone Sunburst Mirror is $269.00 from Ballard Design.
This sunburst mirror from Ballard is $349.00
$99.00 from Ballard Design
3 for $139 from Ballard Design

I don’t know about you guys, but as much as I am loving this trend I am not loving these prices. That is why I geeked when I saw this:

I knew this guy had potential and for $2.50, not $250 I was willing to take a risk on him. The first step was to remove the clock portion. We did this carefully, because we wanted to save the back so that we could hang it up when the makeover was complete.

Now that we removed the back and took out the clock mechanism it was time to paint. Always clean the surface well before painting. We spray painted the clock sunburst with primer and then a couple coats of color (in this case, white). To make sure we could get the sides and a bit of the underside we raised the sunburst up like this:
When spray painting you want to keep the can moving to get light coverage that is layered on. If you hold the can too long in one place you will get drips. It is a little more time consuming, but gives you a much better finish.
Next I needed a mirror. I picked up a 5 inch circle mirror from Micheal’s for a couple bucks. My idea was to hot glue the mirror to the sunburst. This plan backfired, the mirror did not adhere. On to plan B. Next, my husband worked some super glue magic. The following day when we checked on the sunburst mirror the mirror was affixed and was not going anywhere. Success! All that was left to do was put the back on and admire our handy work.

For under 10 bucks I got this (drum roll please!)

In case you forgot what we were working with let me save you the trouble of scrolling all the way back up.

So what do you guys think? I am absolutely delighted with how he turned out. Anyone else take a rummage sale find and reinvent it with a thrifty little makeover?


  • RhettDidntGiveADamn

    Great find and re-purpose! xo

  • Megan

    Thanks! You never know when you go rummaging. It is a hit or miss kind of thing. Glad you liked it.

  • Budget Bungalow

    Wow this looks like my post! We must be sisters

  • Nancy @ dream it … build it…style it!

    Great piece and vision! Love it:)

  • Beth @ Free Stylin’

    I love this idea!! Your sunburst turned out beautifully! Great job. :)

  • Megan

    Thanks Beth! Always nice to hear words of encouragement. Not that I need encouragement. It is kind of an addiction, but I think you probably know all about that :)

  • Melissa

    That is FANTASTIC! Great eye and GREAT finish. And less than 10 bucks! I'm REALLY loving it.

  • Madigan at madiganmade

    What a great find and fantastic change! I've been looking for neat clocks to do exactly what you just did… then I found a sunburst mirror at a garage sale.
    Love yours in white.

  • Katie Bowman

    Found you through TDChick…love it. perfection! I love finding new purposes for old things!!

  • Megan

    Thanks for all the kind words girls! It definitely was a lucky find. Don't you just love rummage sale season?

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  • villabarnes

    Nice makeover, and price.

  • Lkj

    I am still waiting to see what you are going to do with the doors you bought during that same time.

    • Megan Bray

      Right! I keep changing my mind. We brought them in from the garage and Started one project, but then I changed my mind. I think we need to wait for nice weather to work on them.

  • G Johnson

    Wow!  That’s some make over!  Don’t you just love finding these ugly ducks & turning them into something so pretty?

    • Megan Bray

      Thank you. I sure do! I cannot wait for rummage sale season :)

  • Donna

    love it! Love these Blogs now to just get going myself and do some of the items.

    • Megan Bray

      Thank you!