Whatever Wednesday: Get Your Chevron On

Chevrons have been showing up on literally everything and I am totally in love with the chevron craze. As part of the pinterest challenge put on by YHL I decided to turn my love of chevrons into a fun wall for Quinn’s bedroom makeover. Now, it takes a certain kind of crazy to do this… especially at one in the morning. Hey, things gotta get done and we happen to be that special kind of crazy.

A Glimpse @ my “For the Home” pinboard

Now would be a good time to mention that although I am the voice of this blog my husband is the work horse. Yes, I pitch in, but without him none (I mean NONE) of this would be possible. I am crafty, he is handy, and together we make an awesome team. Luckily we enjoy getting creative and don’t mind a little chaos in our lives. Last night (after five hours of trying to install brakes) we finished the chevron wall and I am just tickled pink about how it turned out.

The entire wall was painted gray. We had been debating if we wanted to add chevrons in a darker gray or if we wanted to add white ones. In the end we opted for white. If we were going to go through all this work we wanted it to have impact. I knew I wanted three stripes and around five peaks. My lovely husband took down some measurements and did the math. Our stripes could be nine and a quarter thick (that would give me my three white ones) and each leg of the chevron could be a foot.

Now that we had our measurements down it was time to bust out the trusty chalk line and make a grid. We marked off every 12 inches going across and every 9.25 inches going up and down.

I don’t know how well you can make out those chalk lines, but they’re there. Next we just played connect the dots with our chalk line. Every intersection on our grid was a peak or valley.

After the chevrons were marked we busted out the Scotch Blue painters tape and got to taping. This is tedious work.

Be sure to tape on the outside of the stripe you will be painting in. After everything was taped we went over it quickly with gray paint. This way there is a layer of gray that helps prevent the white from bleeding through. This is not a necessary step, but a good precautionary one. After all this work we were not taking any chances.

Next, we painted our stripes in with our white eggshell paint (nothing fancy). We went over it twice to get a nice finish.

It has been super hot and humid and the tape seemed to be bubbling. We were super nervous that the white paint had leaked. We pulled the tape off while the paint was still wet making sure to pull towards (into) the painted area.

After holding our breath we could finally breath a sigh of relief. The wall totally rocked our socks! Getting this part of the makeover done makes me so excited to start filling the room and showing it to our little man. Hopfully the husband comes home with working brakes tonight so that tomorrow we can get back to Quinn’s room. Because I love it so much, here are a few more views.

Any of you making those pins a reality? If you send me some photos of your pins turned into reality I would love to show them off.

Click here to see the final reveal.


  • Catharine

    This turned out beautifully! I just love how dramatic it is. I really want a chevron wall now :)

    xo Catharine @ Your Modern Couple

  • Megan

    Thanks Catharine! It was a bit time consuming, but so worth it.

  • Megan

    Wow, that turned out gorgeous! love your color choice!

  • Amy

    Looks really good! I need to find something to paint chevron stripes with!

  • McKenzie

    do you recall the name of the gray you used?

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Paint Colors-

      – Dresser & Headboard: Behr High-Gloss color matched to Dutch Boy Sheet Metal (F15-2)
      – Walls: Behr Eggshell color matched to Dutch Boy Nantucket Mist (F15-4) – Alcove and Closet: Behr eggshell color matched to Dutch Boy Stonewall Jackson (F15-3)

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