Rummage Sale Vase to Halloween Decor

Those of you who have been following me for sometime may remember some green vases I picked up from a rummage sale (read about that here).

Gorgeous right! They were so cheap and I thought I could do something fun with them. I cleaned them with rubbing alcohol and then spray painted them yellow.

Well that seriously lasted one hot minute. After I painted them I realized I had no idea where to put them. While they were sitting around waiting for a home I was trying to dream up some Halloween decoration ideas. That is when I decided these vases would better serve as Halloween decoration. This way I only had to find a home for them for a short minute and then they could be stored away.

Halloween decor meant good bye sunny yellow and hello black! Even though I knew I was going to paint them black I didn’t have much of a plan beyond that. We lost a few along the way. One didn’t spray paint well, so we were down to three. Then, as I was working on one, the cat walked by and her tail smacked the vase and smeared the paint. So the two remaining vases got a puffy paint treatment.


What I love about this project is how cheap it is! Rummage sale vases, spray paint and puffy paint. I rocked out the spray paint while the kids were napping and gave it the puffy paint web treatment while watching Gossip Girl. Yes, I am a grown woman with two children and I watch Gossip Girl. I also worked on another project for Quinn’s birthday party that I can’t wait to share. What are your guilty pleasures?