Goodwill Headboard Makeover

For those of you who follow me (if you don’t, go ahead and start) you know that I picked up this headboard at Goodwill (as mentioned here) for $14.99 (well, less actually, due to discounts).

There she is hanging out in my garage waiting for her makeover. By makeover, I mean a good spray down with my new best friend Carbon Mist. This metallic spray paint by Rustoleum is magic in a can. Literally. It seriously looks like we bought a metal headboard. I am officially obsessed. I will share more of Rustoleum’s Carbon Mist magic later. For those of you who are familiar with the metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze this is the same thing, but instead of looking “bronzy” it looks more “irony”. You dig?

We propped the headboard on some old paint cans (we have a lot of those) and got to spraying. Even strokes, keep that hand moving. The hubs actually did the painting. Switching off between applying coats of spray paint and nursing just didn’t seem like a good idea.

The finished product looks like this.

So the new headboard made it obvious that we needed to paint the bedroom. Honestly, we picked up a comforter a couple of weeks ago and now there is the new headboard. We have wanted to repaint that room for some time so this is the kick in the butt we needed. Since we will be painting we didn’t put the headboard in our room yet. As soon as we do I will be sure to include pics. I would like to point out that this headboard costs less than $14.99. We have to add a couple cans of spray paint, so we are pushing around $35.00. Look at what this similar look is going for.

Crate & Barrel

This Crate & Barrel headboard in a queen $499.00 and it is very reminiscent of my $35.00 headboard. Pottery Barn also has a few metal beds priced quite a bit higher.

Pottery Barn

With a little creativity, patience and elbow grease designer style is almost always possible on limited budget. Cannot wait to show you what it looks like in our room. What spray paint are you in love with?


  • Melanie

    I love this headboard and it looks so Good all painted! 

    • Megan Bray

      Thanks! It was a lucky find. I am really happy with how it turned out too!

  • jillsy465

    I can’t believe how great this looks! I am going to do the same thing for my daughter with her great aunt’s old brass bed frame. I have one quick question though if someone can answer… Do the spay paint fumes go away eventually? I can imagine that it would stink the whole room up?? Thank you!!

  • Heather

    I found your blog on pinterest…..I had a brass bed that I wanted to do this to…..I used the same spray paint you did….though since I have put it in my son’s room the paint has started to rub off…any ideas of what I can put over the paint to make it seal in?

    • Megan Bray

      Did you prime yours? We skipped that step and on my husbands side, it started to rub off too :(. We skipped the priming step and I’m guessing, if we hasn’t–we would be golden. I sure didn’t expect that to happen.
      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Johna

    Awesome results! I have one just like that I’d like to refinish. One question..did you have to prep the surface before spray painting it? I thought I might need to use sand paper or steel wool to “scuff up” the surface so that the paint would adhere. Also, did you prime the surface or is the primer in the paint? Can’t wait to start!

    • Megan Bray

      Sometimes in jump right into a project and forget all about the prep–I get too excited! This is one of those. It held up ok. My husband is really tall so his side got more contact and rubbed away a bit. I think roughing it up, a good cleaning and a good primer (kilz) would do the trick. I wouldn’t recommend skipping the prep part. Best of luck!

  • Sally

    I’m working on mine right now. Have one side finished and waiting for it to dry so that I can do the other side. I did prime mine after listening to your advise. It is looking great! Thanks so much for sharing.