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Valentine’s Day is our next holiday. Can you believe it? Man-oh-man is time just flying by. I actually think of Valentine’s Day as a kid’s holiday. Might have something to do with years of celebrating Valentine’s day in school as a student. You know… with the decorated bag or mailbox, the carefully selected Valentines (Hey, you don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea), and loads of sweets. As an adult I went on to celebrate Valentine’s day in school with my students. So to me it has always been a fun, crafty, kid-friendly holiday.

Now that I am home with my own little ones I have started to think about fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s day with them. I firmly believe in celebrations that encourage love and connection and think the “Hallmark holiday” line is a cop-out. I mean, I am not about all the pressure, but I do like to celebrate Valentine’s day. What kind of fun ways do you celebrate Valentine’s day with your children? Any fun traditions with your one-and-only?

Well a new holiday means a new printable! WooHoo! As I started working on this printable I was brainstorming words for Valentine’s Day. When I asked my husband for some input this is what I got, “Hallmark, six pack, I’m Sorry, Sex”. Yup, in that order. I laughed, further encouraging him. None of his suggestions made the list. I suppose now would be a good time to mention, I’m not getting my hopes up for Valentine’s Day.

Well here is a preview of the printable. Go to the bottom of the page to get yours. Scroll on down to see if you are the lucky winner from the “Impromptu-hit-500-likes-before-the-end-of-the-year-giveaway”. If you haven’t liked us on facebook yet, make sure and do that :) You can be privy to all sorts of pictures of my kids (convincing, I know). Seriously though, it is a great way to support Balancing Home, keep the free printables coming, keep up with posts and blog news and just plain-old get-to-know each other.

Valentine’s Day Printable Click Here

Be sure to check out the Valentine’s Day Mantle & Valentine’s Day Wreath.

Valentine's Day Wreath & Mantle


So the winner is…Sherry Diana Debbs! Thank you for liking us on facebook. In fact thank you to each and every one of you who have liked us on facebook, followed us on Pinterest or Twitter, or have subscribed/followed the blog. I love building this community with you and sharing with you. Blogging really wouldn’t be much fun without each and every one of you.

Oh yeah…Y’all are probably wondering what the prize is. Sherry gets to order any one of our 8.5×11 print… on the house. So go ahead and email us at Let us know what print you would like and where to ship it to.

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  • kyra

    Thanks – love this printable!
    newest follower via toys in the dryer!
    Kyra @

  • Dee

    Love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing.I am starting the CSI Project Forum today so crafters can gather and talk.Come by and register. It is FREE!I would love it if you would share with your readers too!!!The first 50 people to register could win giveaways from our forum sponsors.
    SmilesDee, the CSI Girl

  • vintage marigold

    So cute! M hubby would have been the same way:)

  • Megan Bray

    Thanks for letting me know. I will have to stop by and check it out!

  • Merrilyn

    I know this is old….but…I cant get the link to work. Any suggestions??

    • Megan Bray

      There is an orange box you can click on the bottom of the post. I just tried and it works fine. I did notice I have some old links in the post, perhaps you followed one of those. I had to change how I stored & organized my printables and it looks like I missed correcting a few links in editing.

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