VDay & St. Patty’s Printable

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is no secret I love holidays. I think I love holidays so much, because they tend to revolve around three things: family, food and traditions. This is the good stuff in life. This is the stuff we grow up and we remember and we do with our children. I fully embrace all holidays, we do not discriminate.

After a few missed events and the whole are you, aren’t you the husband I made a rule. From now on no birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (I think you get the point) goes unnoticed.

We have been guilty of not buying each other Christmas gifts, because we just bought all that tile for the kitchen or a million other reasons. It kind of started to feel lame. We decided that regardless of our financial situation we give a gift.

Really, it isn’t about the gift. It is the act of thinking of someone and taking the time to make them feel special. It is picking out a gift that says, I know you! Gifts can be a card and flowers, a homemade gift, a DIY gift, a coupon, a cleaned house and a fancy meal, etc.

How many of you have fallen into that rut? That rut where the one who means the most isn’t even on the list anymore? I hated that when someone asked me what my husband got me the answer would be nothing! Trying to explain that we decided not to do gifts because of ____ just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

So anywho…back to family and tradition. So this is the first Valentines, now that Quinn is three, that we really get to celebrate. We love us a good holiday tradition and we fully believe that this is the stuff childhood memories are made of. We have been brainstorming ways to make Valentine’s day a special family kind of day. Do any of you have Valentine traditions?

Well we will all be in red or pink. We take our holiday colors very serious around here. Who are these people who don’t wear red, white and blue on the Fourth of July? Okay, I digress, but seriously? This has irked me since I was a child! I have been debating about doing heart shape foods, or all red foods, or a fancy dinner night. I just don’t know. I think I would like to do a little scavenger hunt. Truthfully, I’m on the hunt for great family traditions for celebrating Valentine’s day. If you have any, please share!

Well I am not going to leave you all empty handed and high and dry. No craft project, no pictures, just words, words, words! Now don’t go breaking up with me on Valentine’s Day. Now that the holiday of love is upon us it is time to start thinking about the next holiday! We whipped up some St. Patrick’s Day subway art. (Actually, these things take way longer than you would ever think. It is like putting a puzzle together to get a layout we both approve of.) As usual, you can find this printable on our printable page. We just ask that you like us on facebook and subscribe before helping yourself to any or all of our prints.






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