Living With Kids and Their Stuff

Living With Kids and their stuff

  One of the biggest changes that comes with life with kids is the stuff. If you have kids, you probably realized that about five seconds into your baby shower. Umm...where is all this stuff going to go? I'm not gonna lie, I do a little happy dance when the bouncy chair can be retired to the basement. Don't be fooled though. It just gets replaced by more stuff! You can edit and minimize, but that will only get you so far. Especially when we have Quinn who is three and wants to play with three year old toys like Rescue Bots and action figures and then we have Eleanor who is ten ...

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Take That Life List

Photography Bella Pop

Y'all might remember back when I shared with you my life list. You can check it out here. Along with acquiring a camera, I wanted to take a photography class and teach myself how to use the darn thing. The crazy thing about this world is if you put something out there it just might happen. That is exactly what happened to me. Brandy from Bella Pop was hitting the web with her photography classes. Online classes were new to her so she responsibly sought out eager students for a test run. She wanted feedback and to be sure that her classes were perfection before they went public. So I ...

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And It All Comes Together…

Pulling It All Together

We have been working on turning our living room into an expression of us. We started with the neutralization process. We tore up the carpeting and had our hardwood floors refinished. Instantly fresh! Then we finally splurged on a new couch in a lovely neutral (Pottery Barn- Pearce Sectional). Finally, we put up a coat of fresh paint (Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore). Now that our space was neutralized it was time to start adding some personality. We are young. We are fun. We have little ones. It was time for that to show through in our space. According to the quiz on Better Homes and ...

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1000 Facebook Likes Giveaway Winner

1000 Likes Giveaway

  We have a winner! Before we get to that I want to thank Kissen Studio and Poofy Cheeks for sponsoring the giveaway along with our Balancing Home Print Shop. I really love when I can give back to my readers. You guys have been so awesome. You visit, you comment, you interact and you help to spread the word! All your support makes it possible for me to land more giveaways for y'all and makes this whole blogging gig a blast. Really, a most genuine thank you. The winner is Priscilla C! The lucky entry was: "Like" Poofyboutique on Facebook.   If you haven't stopped by to ...

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Balancing Home Series: How Do YOU Do It?

Balancing Home Series: How Do You Do It?

It started with money. The husband and I have tried this and that. It got me thinking....How do other people do it? Do other people make a budget? How do they go about doing so? Do they use apps? What apps? I figured there has to be some pretty good tips/ideas amongst my readers. I mean we are all trying to balance home and I imagine a lot of you have some solid ideas that work awesome! Then I thought: Why stop at money? It made me wonder about raising kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, dressing/taking care of yourself, keeping the marriage alive, work, fun, etc. How do YOU do it all? ...

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The Family Movie Night That Never Was

Quinn Playing

Today was one of those days. Quinn wet the bed and he had an accident later in the day (We had been doing so good). Eleanor had an explosive diaper. I spent much of the day cleaning up poop and pee and bathing my children. Not pretty. I was really looking forward to family movie night and so was Quinn. We rented HOP and stopped at Target to pick up a mattress protector (for the reason stated above). This is kind of where everything fell apart. Quinn was wild. Running, climbing on things, not following directions, etc. It just isn't the way one should act in a store. Was it a super big ...

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Pinterest Proud: Ikatbag

Pinterest Proud

I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was such a fabulous idea I had to share. This was done by Ikatbag. How fun is that? It is so brilliant because it cleans up nicely and even when it is "out" it takes up hardly any square footage. I just love it. I might even try my hand at one. Click on the image above or follow this link (here) to check out all the little details. Be warned, it is a fun blog with a fun shop and it might suck you in for hours! Don't say I didn't warn you.   P.S. You can still enter our giveaway celebrating 1000 Facebook friends here. ...

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Chocolate Covered Pretzel Favor

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

The sun is setting, there is a cool breeze coming through the front door. The birds are chirping, a sure sign that spring is here. Eleanor is napping. I can hear Quinn giggling as he plays with his dad in the backyard and I am drinking a Blue Moon (don't judge) and whipping out a blog post. We spent the day at the park and grabbed lunch with friends. Life is good! I said good, not perfect. Yes, my house is a disgusting disaster. Not in the way skinny people say, "I'm so fat" when they clearly aren't. My house is a disaster like piles of unpacked bags, a counter top over-flowing with dirty ...

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Wedding Crashing MOH Style

Mason Jar Centerpiece

Is it crashing if you are the Matron of Honor and it is your sister's wedding? I don't know about you all, but I love weddings. The weather was beautiful, the ceremony was beautiful, the bride was beautiful. There was just a whole lot of beautiful going on. If you know Wisconsin or anything about Midwest weather you know that she is one lucky lady to have gotten married in March on an 80 degree day. These kinds of things just don't happen! The fact it was St. Patrick's day makes her that much more lucky! The pictures are taken at the state capital and at the Memorial Union Terrace. The ...

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Over 1000 Reasons for a Giveaway

1000 Likes Giveaway

Well friends, we did it! We hit (and then passed) 1,000 likes on Facebook. That gives us over a 1,000 reasons to celebrate. If you haven't given us the thumbs up on Facebook, please do, and help push us to that next big milestone. We have some lovely friends who have chipped in to make this giveaway possible. Stop by and visit them and show them some love. So here is what this prize pack contains. Emily from Kissen Studio will be giving away this Drift Away Handstitch Hard Covered Journal. Click on over to learn more. Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks will be giving away: a necklace ...

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