Attention to Detail: Keeping It Real

Sometimes it feels like we never finish anything. We might do 99% of a project, but that last 1% just sits and sits and sits. Our attention to detail is lacking, a bit. Here are just a few details that need to be attended to.

Let me clarify, Eleanor’s room does not look like this anymore. Since painting, it hasn’t gone fully back together. Still have piles of things on the floor and stuff that needs be hung up.

The saddest thing is, I took a picture of the photo leaning against the frame and not in the frame and I STILL haven’t put the photo in the frame. Maybe after I hit publish I should do that. Oh come on, we cannot be the only ones that have a bookshelf in a box sitting in their dining room for weeks and sample pictures still in their frames. What kind of things have you left unfinished?

  • Shannon Fox

    I could totally write a post too! lol
    But, I’ll just throw out a few…
    1. Nail holes in baseboards need to be filled, final paint applied. (it’s been waiting… oh, about 2 years?) I won’t tell which room. hehe
    2. Put the first coat of primer on the mantel about a week ago. Have not gotten back to it ūüėČ
    3. Have half a set of French door trim painted. One is green, the other tan.

    I’ll stop there.
    You are sooooo not alone! Trust me.

    • Megan Bray

      Oh yes, that list was not comprehensive by any means. LOL love the two different colored french doors.

  • Kristy O’Neal

    Oh, me too! 

    I still have paint samples on the walls in the hallway and dining room, even though I chose the paint color and purchased it a couple of months ago. There are still unpacked boxes from moving in. I have plenty of empty frames and artwork leaning up against the wall. A friend gave me a new high-tech thermostat three months ago that I still haven’t installed. And there are so many more!

    But I comfort myself by remembering everything I have accomplished. Plus, I know this house is a long-term work in progress. The important stuff will all get done, eventually!

    • Megan Bray

      You are so right! The only reason things are undone is because we spend so much time doing things in the first place. I could have just not hung pictures at all and then I wouldn’t have empty frames and sideways pictures, but I wouldn’t have pictures either!!

  • Nelly Gansekoele

    Thank you so much for keeping it real. This is totally relatable. I enjoy your posts and being new around here I’m still going through your archives. Thanks for inspiring me.

    • Megan Bray

      Welcome! Glad to have you here. Hope there isn’t anything too embarrassing hiding in those archives.

  • Chelle

    OMG!!!! I have a new, empty craft room, walls painted, need to paint trim, apply new baseboard, build closet shelving/storage, rip out carpet & install new wood flooring. Guest room new paint is cut in, need to finish painting walls, decorate. I have an adorable¬†cross stitch project I started w/ my Bestie’s DD was prego. All that needs to be done to be complete is outline complete image & cross stitch childs name. Said child is now 3 yrs old!! I just got a bunch of infant/toddler/childrens patterns & hubs is holding the purchase of new fabric for patterns hostage till painting of guest room & craft room are complete!! Sounds fair………………….doesn’t it? No, sweetie, you are NOT the only one. We are a club, I am sure of it, w/¬†MANY members!!! I VOW to get all those projects done¬†before the end of the month!!!

    • Megan Bray

      Oh we have all been there. Good luck on your month mission. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to it all by the end of the month. As one commenter said, we should take comfort in all that we DO get done :)