Butterfly Art: Pass It On Project

I love getting packages in the mail. Who doesn’t? Jessica from Stay at Home-ista sent me this little goodie.

I was super excited. Click on over to get the full details. Any guesses as to what those butterflies are made of?

Now it is my turn to create something and pass it on. What a fun way to brighten someones day. Cannot wait to come back and share with you what I am making and who I am passing it on to.


  • Karah Thespacebetweenblog

    It is so fun for me to see this project growing!!  I have a pin board where I’m pinning all of the Pass It On projects I hear about.  Please feel free to link up your project post to facebook page or let me know when you post about it so I can share it.  :)

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Can you send a link to your Pinterest board? I would love to check it out. I will pass on the link when I get my project done.

  • StayAtHome -ista


    I’m so happy you like it!