Celebrating Cinco De Mayo with Children

Happy Cinco De Mayo! If you are looking for a fun and simple way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with children I have a few tips.

We have a book we just love and read all the time (even when it isn’t Cinco De Mayo). I love everything about this book! I love the illustrations, I love the way it sounds when I read it to Quinn. The word choice and vocabulary is awesome! Sorry, the elementary school teacher and English major in me is coming out.

The book is called, Cinco De Mouse-O!. Seriously, how cute is that title?

Cinco De Mayo Book

It is a fun story of a little mouse trying to get to the candy from a pinata and being stalked by a cat along the way. I could probably quote the whole book, but I will stick to just one.

Mouse heard the mariachis play—heard the guitarrón, the trumpets, the sweet-voiced violins. Heard the boom of fireworks and the people shouting, “¡Viva Mexico!”

A fun book, I promise.

Kids and crafts go hand in hand. I absolute love these flowers by Aunt Peach and think the would make a great craft. Click on over to learn how to make them.

Lastly, you need a quick and simple kid friendly dinner. This recipe comes from a cookbook my friend Kate put together as a wedding gift. These are titled: Nancy’s Chicken Enchiladas.

1 lb. boneless skinless chicken boiled and cubed

1- 8 oz sour cream

10 flour tortillas

1 c. shredded cheddar cheese

Place the diced chicken in a medium bowl. Add the Picante sauce and the sour cream. Mix. Evenly distribute the chicken mix down the center of each tortilla and place in a pan, seam side down. Fit the enchiladas together tightly. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 375-degrees for about 10 minutes, or till heated through.

I have made this and it really is simple and delicious.

Now enjoy a day of reading, crafts and eating with the little ones!


  • StayAtHome -ista

    I love Cinco de Mayo, such a fun holiday, although I hadn’t thought about how to make it more kid-friendly. I’ll have to check that book out:)


    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      I ordered it from Scholastic when I was teaching and Quinn just loves it.