Tuning In

Knowing Your Children

If you are a parent you probably know how easy it is to get caught up cleaning the house, cooking dinner, working on the computer, etc. Sometimes those things are necessary, but tuning in to your children is just as necessary.

In case you are wondering, both kids are napping, so this is MY time. I am mom all day every day and not all day every day can or should be about my kids. I try really hard to make sure that we get the most out of each day. I think my kids are awesome. Not in a brag-about-my-kids kind of way, but in a they-are-really-awesome-PEOPLE-and-I-love-getting-to-know-them kind of way.

I am a huge advocate of parenting. I think children need you to be their parent, but it is very fun to be their buddy too. TUNE IN!  Your kids will amaze you, I promise.

Today while Eleanor was eating her breakfast (she woke up later) and Quinn and I were playing with Play-Doh all sorts of flags were going off.

  • I made an octopus and Quinn was playing with it and said, “Oops! A tentacle fell off”. I smiled. He is three and without thinking he knew to say tentacle…not arm, not leg. Tuning in=WOW, look how smart my kid is!
  • Eleanor finished her bananas and in LITERALLY the sweetest voice (melts my heart) says, “All done” while signing all done. She just turned one this month and I love hearing her sweet voice and watching her vocabulary grow. TUNING IN= WOW, she is speaking more clearly.
  • Quinn made a snake complete with eyes and mouth. We snapped a picture, because he wanted to show daddy. He was so proud of his creation. I was too! He is starting to actually make THINGS! TUNING IN= He is learning to express himself artistically. We need to do more arts and crafts!
  • Eleanor’s thought process. I want to get on the couch. Hmm…if I push this over I can stand on it. Now I am taller. If I can just get my leg up. Yup, I love watching my kid’s problem solve. TUNING IN= Need more baby proofing.
  • Quinn telling me about some far away place we have to go. Man that kid has an imagination. He told me it was “past GiGi’s work, past the zoo”. I cannot believe he realizes those things are on the same path and that Gigi’s work comes before the zoo. When I got my license I asked how to get to school. NO JOKE! (My parents must have been so proud). TUNING IN= Must have gotten that from his dad.
  • As we are cleaning up, Quinn has cool tricks he wants to show me. In the grand scheme of things they are not super amazing, but they show me so much about his development. I cannot help but notice that he is getting much better at balancing and his core is getting stronger. TUNING IN=Hmm..We should sign Quinn up for something.

Parenting Moments

This all happened in the short time we were playing Play-Doh. Next up we moved on to blocks. I sat on the floor and played with them. Quinn was building a ramp for his cars and my main job was to build towers Eleanor could knock down so that she would leave his stuff alone. He is very patient with his little sister, but does not enjoy having his creations knocked down.

I love getting to know my children. I love seeing them grow and develop. The more I learn about them, the more I appreciate them as people. Take the time to tune in, follow their lead and appreciate what you have been blessed with. I promise, no matter how old they are, you will find joy.

Brother and Sister Love

Yes, I stay at home with my kids. But sometimes I think that makes it easier to forget to tune in. Kind of like when you have nothing to do so you think you will get so much done, but nothing gets done. On the other hand your schedule is jam-packed so you have no time to get anything done, but get a ton done. Sometimes knowing you HAVE to fit it in, forces you to do just that. My point is, tune in. Take some time out of your day and listen to your child’s make believe world, or let them jabber on the whole car ride about whatever happens to come up, really look at their “cool” trick, celebrate their success and what makes them proud (even if it is a Play-Doh snake), and become part of their world.

I promise, the dishes, laundry, work and whatever else will be there tomorrow, but these moments that make up our lives, they pass by so quickly.

Tell me, what kinds of things have you/do you witness when you tune in?






  • Carolgregory4

    I’m tuning in to my kid daily and it is AWESOME to watch you grow!
    (Thanks Megan)   I’ve tried to recognize, appreciate and be a part of as many of those moments as I could.  It never gets old….your kids never get old…they’re always your kids.   Now I get to start all over again with my grand-kids….so AWESOME!!!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

       Yes, you are a great mom! I love sharing it all with you.