Back When a Police Officer Escorted Me Out…

Did I ever tell you about the time I was escorted out of a H.S. basketball game by a police officer? Yup, this girl, right here. Me and my sidekick Kate.

Honor Roll, Student Government, AP Classes, CC Captain, Athlete and SUSPECTED rule breaker. Kate and I couldn’t be anything further from trouble makers, but one senior citizen took her job WAY too seriously. (No offense to senior citizens everywhere).

Our basketball team had made it to Regional or Sectional play. I don’t know which, but I do know that my student ID and stellar grades didn’t get me into the game for free anymore. Now that it was playoff time, I had to pay up.

Y’all know me. I like to save wherever I can. We got to the game minutes before the half and one of the ladies accepting money and handing out tickets had our back. She told us the game was free after half, so why not wait until half time. Don’t mind if I do. So we did. We waited a few minutes and then we walked into the game and took our seat.

Imagine our surprise when a police officer walks over and asks us to leave.


Yeah YOU!

You talking to me?

Yes, he was talking to me. Little-miss-take-your-job-too-seriously told the officer we had snuck into the game without paying. What? For real? Gonna play dirty, huh?

Me and my big mouth wasn’t just going to leave. I maintained my innocence. I tried explaining. Nobody wanted to hear about it.

Kate and I (most likely still in shock) followed the officer past all the fans and out the door. Thanks for the escort buddy.

Then we did what any teens kicked out of a basketball game (police escort included) would do. We went to Barnes & Noble.

On Monday everyone wanted to know why we were kicked out of the game. If only I had something exciting to tell them.

Sometimes it is fun to reminisce….you know, life before I was mom. What is one of your favorite “back in the day” stories?

  • PoofyBoutique

    LOL! Too funny! I was like you in High Shool, but then when I went to college I went semi-crazy for a few years. Oh how young and stupid I was.

    • Megan Bray

      I definitely had fun in college too ;).

  • Heidi @ Decor & More

    I LOVE it!  You renegade!  I think I had more of those moments in college than in high school…  3 friends and I decided to catch a train from New Orleans to Baton Rouge one night after (quite) a few drinks — by climbing into an open freight car.  While the train was moving.  Don’t think the NOPD was happy with us — nor the train engineer who had to bring the thing to a screeching halt when two of us fell out.  Jeez.  Glad noone was hurt, now that I think about it!  Don’t tell my kids about this. :)
    xo Heidi

    • Megan Bray

      You wild thing! I would have never guessed. I love it!

  • Emily

    That’s funny… I don’t think you or Kate ever told me that story before (I am assuming it was my sister Kate)! I was musing this morning about the good ole days when we went to the mall whenever we wanted and bought whatever we wanted… oh, how life has changed! I haven’t been to the mall in years and when iI did go, it surely wasn’t to buy something for myself!

    • Megan Bray

      Yup, it definitely was your sister Kate and I. Two wild things. I mostly just remember buying Swiss Cake Rolls and polyester shirts from the Rave. Money well spent.

  • JaneEllen Jones

    I didn’t really do anything when I was in school. Sorry for that senior citizen. Why didn’t she ask somebody if you’d paid or not? Old bat.
    I hollered at a sherrif’s deputy where we used to live in east county of San Diego. Every day the kids got off the bus and would cross the street to where they were headed for home. The sherrif’s deputy would watch them then give them tickets for jay walking. NO body around, hardly any cars around moving and on a dead end street. I watched him do that for a few days then I got madder than a wet hen and went out and gave him a really big piece of my mind. 
     Asked him if he didn’t have anything better to do than to harrass a bunch of nice kids. I went on and on, told him I was going to call the office to report him (his attitude stunk) and I did call the office to report his attitude and lazy activity.
    Never saw that turkey again at bus time for the kids.  He thought he could intimidate me with his size. Not me when I’m mad and looking out for the good guys.
     I had asked him why he couldn’t maybe get all of them in one spot as soon as they came off the bus to explain to them about jay walking instead of being a turkey, giving them tickets.
     I still feel  darned good for doing that, I was the kids hero for a few days. We had four kids and alot of the kids hung out at our house so I knew they were great kids. Why do people always assume kids are bad?  I also took truckloads of those kids to beach with us in the  summer, never one problem after I explained the rules and they knew I meant it.

    • Megan Bray

      What a lame deputy. Glad you set him straight.