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I honestly cannot tell you what drove me to start this blog. I had already picked a name and half tried once before, gotten frustrated and given up. Then my sister was moving to Georgia and starting a blog, I had just had a baby and was staying home and it just seemed like the perfect time to give it a try. So I dove right in with no clue of what I was doing. I didn’t know what a widget was. In fact, I kept referring to it as a gadget when I was talking to Ross. Anytime I asked him for help, I would kick him off before he could help me, because I had to do it myself. A little bit like a two-year-old.

For some inexplicable reason I felt the overwhelming urge to start this blog and deep down inside I felt like it could be successful. I didn’t have a plan or know what I was doing, but I knew I wanted to share and connect with people. I also knew I loved it and if I was doing something I loved, success had to come from it, right?

Well how do you gauge success? That is tricky. Here in the blogging world there is always a bigger blog. There is someone getting lots of attention for a project just like yours while yours falls through the cracks. At what point is it enough? How many pageviews do you you need? How many likes on Facebook? How many times do you need to be pinned? All these stats mean EVERYTHING and NOTHING at the same time. If you want to work with a company, get sponsorship to a conference, make money advertising, do sponsored posts or just plain want people to know you exist you need the numbers. You do.

I am a young blog, not even a year old yet. I try to cut myself some slack. I guess it is a little like the scale. Your weight doesn’t define you and neither do your blogging stats. This is why these stats mean NOTHING. In fact I stopped looking at Google Analytics. I only look when I have to per a company’s request. Truth be told, I pour my heart and soul and every free (and not so free) minute into this blog. I work hard on projects, pictures, uploading, editing, and promoting everything I do. I do this while being responsible for a now one and three year old. You can imagine how crushing it is to work that hard at something and have zero comments, no pins, and low pageviews. At the end of the day I feel like I have to do this. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone or if I am just a certain kind of crazy.

Regardless, I have been fortunate. My hard work and love for what I do has paid off. I continue to see growth each and every day and that pushes me. I read EVERY single one of your comments (They go right to my phone.). Truth be told, I obsessively check my email to see if I have any comments. I try to carve out time to sit down on the computer and respond to them all. I just want you to know that every comment is a little nugget of hope, a high five, a “Hey! You have a reader” and it feels good. Really good. So thank you. I love checking my Pinterest source page and seeing my ideas and projects pinned.  I love seeing you on my Facebook page and connecting with you. I love seeing the way my projects or printables have inspired you. I love knowing what you all are up to. I love sharing and connecting.

Because of each and every one of you who have visited the blog, liked my Facebook page or have chosen to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram I now have opportunities I didn’t even know were possible. We live on one income, we have one small car (for a family of four including my 6’7 husband). Money is tight. It is pretty awesome that I now get to contribute (just a wee bit) through my blogging.

This leads me to what I thought you should know. I thought you should know that I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into some communities (check sidebar) that hook me up with companies and opportunities. I get paid in products, cash or both. It isn’t big money, but it is something. It feels pretty good to know that less than a year ago Balancing Home didn’t exist and now it is allowing me to contribute something to my family’s income while staying at home with my children. I want you to know that every sponsored post is something I actually want to use/do/etc. There are a lot of opportunities I don’t apply for, because I want to keep it real. Every review is my own opinion. Would I publish a negative review? Probably not. Just like you wouldn’t tell someone their haircut looks awful (or would you?). If it is bad, I just want blog about it at all.

I wanted you to know it is the same girl sharing her adventures. It is still me, my family, my random musings (as I demonstrated here), life as mom, DIY projects, crafts and home decor. I hope you all enjoy the sponsored posts just as much as the regular ones and that y’all keep on supporting me the way you have.


  • http://baylorsays.com/ Lauren@BaylorSays…

    Good for you!!  You’ve worked hard and it is something to be proud of for sure.  Love seeing your heart in your posts! XOXO

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thanks! And why have I not been seeing your posts? Did you take a break or is my feed broken?

  • Susan

    Not sure if you do this all, or some of the time, but I think it’s great when you post blog updates to FB. I don’t blog myself, or regularly check other blogs, but I do check FB dailly and always enjoy seeing what you’re up to…so the FB links are helpful!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      I do always post my links on FB. I am sure they get lost in the shuffle though.

  • http://www.harbourbreezehome.com/ Rita Joy

    Thanks for sharing this.  I so identify with so many things you talked about…  And, congratulations on the new opportunities that have come your way!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thank you! I feel very fortunate. I am glad you all are so supportive!

  • Carolgregory4

    I like today’s post and printable.  Typing without glasses, so I hope there are no spelling errors.  Since I liked you again on facebook, I always see your posts.  Maybe I don’t have as many friends as Susan.

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      It isn’t quantity, It is quality. Clearly you have quality 😉

  • Bgregory

    I forget to comment partially because I talk you in real life everyday, but i still read your blog everyday and have provided inspiration for some posts. I’m proud of you and would obviously always appreciate more pics of the kiddos

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      I love sharing pics of the kiddos! Not so sure everyone loves seeing them as much as we do though ;).

  • Bets

    Hi. I’ve only been following a little while (maybe a month?), and to be honest I can’t even remember how I found you, but you are one of only a handful of bloggers that I follow. Balancing Home is on my toolbar and I click on it every time I need to… I dunno… connect(?) with someone who shares some of my views and interests.

    I’m a work-from-home mom too and the post you wrote about making the choice to be a SAHM really struck a chord with me. I read it and thought, “Yes! Yes! Exactly!”  I guess I should have left a comment so you could hear me.

    This blogging stuff is so odd… kinda like being a celebrity where everybody knows you (or knows some of who you are), but you don’t know anyone. And I appreciate you telling us that hey, it would be nice to know if anyone is listening. And the thing is… we are listening. And rooting for you. And crying with you (the story you posted a link to, about the boy who drowned, made me sob). We are here. And we get you. And your writing makes a difference. We just need to tell you so.


    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thanks! I hope I didn’t come across too desperate ;). This was such a lovely, lovely comment. I am so glad you found my blog. Fellow SAHM unite!

      • Bets

         Not at all desperate.  : )

  • PoofyBoutique

    Very genuine and real! Loved this post!!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thanks! You are kind of in the same boat there :).

  • StayAtHome -ista

    Megan- I can’t believe you’ve been doing this for less than 1 year, you rock girl! Just amazing how much time you can devote to this “hobby” and I’m so supportive of you getting as much money as you can from it!


    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Yup, I started shortly after the Fourth of July so we are coming up on a year. It sure went by quick. Thanks for backing me girl.

  • Cleta

    I am just pretty new to your blog, but I love it and will be a steadfast follower.  Thanks for what you bring to us.

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      What kind words. Thank you so much for your support.

  • http://www.HearthandWhimsy.com/ Terrie

    Very nice post, I can totally relate. I think it’s great that you can make a little bit to support your family. You’ve got my support!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thank you. Means a lot.

  • Kiki Wainwright

    great post. keep it you, you make us moms that were forced to go to work (as the breadwinner of family) think that maybe oneday i can be there for my son, and take the leap to work from home,a nd still support my family…and maybe do what i love, rather than what i have to, to keep our family fed and clothed.

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      I have never had to be the sole breadwinner, but I know how tough it is to not be there. I taught full time while Quinn went to daycare and it was tough. The one thing I do know is quality beats quantity every single time. Feeding and clothing you son is being there for him. And using the time you have to connect is being there. I know I am very blessed to have a husband who can (barely) keep us afloat. Truth be told, working and two kids in daycare would have us pocketing next to nothing. I kind of fell into this and never would have had the guts to just do it. I’m thankful I did. I’m learning and growing each and every day and I love it. Thank you again for all of your support. Best of luck to you in finding your happy place and bravo to you for providing for your family.

  • Marla

    Thanks for being honest about your situation.  I think it is great you can help out your families income as well as inspire us.  I love your blog and you way of doing things and will continue to look forward to your updates.

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thank you so much. I love my readers and I wanted to make sure you understood what a sponsored post was and where I was coming from. Kind of an open book over here.

  • Suzanna

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Megan.  A) I love your blog and I love learning more about you, and B) I’m trying to get the courage to start my own blog, so it’s nice to hear honest feedback (especially from a relatively new blogger)!  Thanks for doing what you do!  Suzanna

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      DO IT! It is hard, but so worth it.

  • Kateherberth

    Really enjoy your blog! Thanks for all the ideas and laughs!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thank you!

  • http://www.heidimilton.com/ Heidi @ Decor & More

    You’re my hero, Megan!!  Keep doing what you’re doing… I love being along for your ride.  And kudos to you for finding a way to contribute — that is HUGE to feel that you’re helping (been there, done that). 
    xoxo, Heidi

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thank you Heidi! I feel so lucky to have you in my corner. When this whole blogging thing has been lonely or felt hopeless you always came around with a comment. Thank you.

  • Barb

    I appreciate your vulnerability!  I like real!!!  Keep up the GREAT work!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thank you.

  • JaneEllen Jones

    HI Megan, Yours was one of the first blogs I subscribed to when I discovered blogs in January/2012. I continue to enjoy your candid comments and honesty and your wonderful projects.
    I so enjoy seeing pics of your dear little ones, hearing about your young lives. From what I’ve seen having a successful blog is a big job, hence I haven’t gotten one going.
    I don’t want to committ to something I’m not sure I’ll stick with. I had jobs and at this point in my life (old lady) I want to be able to do what I want when I want. I get such joy and inspiration from reading the blogs I’ve subscribed to, can hardly keep up with reading all of them.
    Enjoy your wonderful family and your wonderful blog. I’ll be a follower for long time. Believe me being able to be home with your family is so important if you can continue to do so. When my daughter was 13 she told me how much it meant to her for me to be there to listen, just be there for her. She’s the youngest and by that time the older kids were out and on their own. Kids need their Mom.