The Power Of Spray Paint

I firmly believe that you can spray paint just about anything and make it look fantastic. There are times I have had my doubts. My Goodwill owl, I wasn’t so sure that spray paint would be enough. It was. Last weekend I was on a spray painting spree. I ran downstairs to grab a can of spray paint and this sad little, nondescript basket caught my eye. So I thought I would give it a splash of color and it would be perfect for Eleanor’s room. I needed a place to store all her barrettes, bows and headbands.

Clearly the lady needs a place for her accessories. Did I says lady? Hmm….

We call that the stink face. We see it a lot. It makes us laugh every single time. Eleanor loves tearing out her hair accessories and she find great joy in rubbing her food in her hair. It is very hard to be a classy lady with food in your hair.

And about that basket…

It literally took minutes to do and gave the basket a little bit of personality.

Also pictured above are my rummage sale flowers I made over and my embroidery hoop art, which you can view here and here. I know this isn’t groundbreaking work here, but it is a fun, easy, pick-me-up. Any of you spray painted a basket before? Any of you immediately think of a basket you want to paint?




  • Chelle

    Very cool transformation!!! Nice job & that Green color is great for Spring!!

    • Megan Bray

      Thanks! I love finding new things to spray paint. Always good for a fun before and after.

  • Angela Hunt

    Eleanor is so cute! Love the picture with food all over her face!!! 

    • Megan Bray

      Thanks! That is how we roll over here. Stained clothes and chunks of food in our hair.

  • ashley

    I am also a huge believer in spray paint!!!  Love the green basket.

    • Megan Bray

      Right? Once you get the spray painting bug, there is no turning back. Nothing is safe 😉

  • Shannon Fox

    Love, love, love spray paint =) What a cure color too!

    • Megan Bray

      Right? When in doubt, spray it out. LOL.

  • JaneEllen Jones

    How could anybody resist that little girls face? She is so adorable, I’d love to just kiss and hug her.  I have pics of my kids putting food in their hair also. It’ s a learning experience Mom. They need to know what the stuff they shove in their mouths feels like in their hair. Such fun for them. So you have to give her a bath —again.
    I so love seeing pics of you gals little ones, makes my heart so happy. They are so precious.
    That basket looks so much better with that pretty green shade on it. I have several baskets  I want to paint but have to decide what color first. About the time I think I know what color I decide to use basket for something else and change my mind about the color.
    Great idea to have a place to put all her hair goodies. And yeah they love to tear their hair clips out of their hair also. It’s fun remembering what little ones do after seeing the pics on blogs. 

    • Megan Bray

      I already feel like it is all going by too fast and she is only one! I am glad you enjoy the pictures and the walk down memory lane. And yes, that face is pretty hard to resist. Have you seen those cheeks?