Kiddo Randomness

Bare with me and my randomness. I just have so much to share. Judging by the Facebook response, we are all a little off kilter. Yes, it is true, my creative time has been taken over by summer fun, family events and life. It is all good though, because Wisconsin winters are long and I will get my mojo back.

Living with kids, as you know (assuming you live with kids or have ever spent time with one), always brings something interesting to the table. Seriously, they find so much joy in everything.

We are driving one day and this convo takes place:

Quinn: Mom, is our world still spinning?

Me: Yes, Why?

Quinn: Good. Daddy said if our world stops spinning we will have a lot of problems.

Maybe you had to be there. I dunno. The way he said the last line completely cracked me up. What also strikes me as funny is that THIS is what is weighing on his mind as we are driving along. Later, Quinn asked me another question about the world spinning and it being night somewhere else. This probably stems from his grandpa’s business trip to Germany, and explaining to him that Grandpa was on the other side of the world and sleeping now.

Obviously, you can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you cannot take the teacher out of the girl. TEACHING MOMENT! So I grabbed my vintage globe and used the flashlight app on my phone and demonstrated for Quinn the world spinning and the sun and day and night.

Yup, my kid is going to be a genius. Take that ACT’s.

When we aren’t concerning ourselves with the world spinning and day and night we like to paint leaves. For realz. Y’all remember the egg carton caterpillars we made? You can check those out here.

After we finished creating these masterpieces we started painting leaves and all sorts of goodies we could find and stamping with them.

Ahhh! All of nature’s pretty patterns!

While you are hanging out on the driveway painting leaves and checking out the beauty of mother nature, your child will tell you things like:

  • This is so cool mom.
  • I love you.
  • This is beautiful!
  • Look what I did mom!
  • Isn’t this neat?
  • Thanks for painting with me mom.
  • You are the best.
  • We should hang this up.

So if you are wondering, what is the point? There it is. This is why you let your child find stuff in the yard, paint it, and stamp it on poster board you found in the basement.

Sometimes you earn extra cool points by receiving a Leap Frog LeapPad2 in the mail. It is awesome. More on that later.

And even though your daughter doesn’t really get a LeapPad2, she gets bubble wrap, and sometimes that is just as good.


So there it is: some kiddo randomness. If you are new around here and are wondering why in the world you are following along, I promise…we will craft. I kind of stay true to the name, Balancing Home, and we have a little bit of everything going on over here. The kiddos, in typical fashion, take up a lot of our time, space, energy and by default…blog.

What kind of random kiddo stuff do you have going on?

  • PoofyBoutique

    Looks like a super fun summer to me!

  • Heidi @ Decor & More

    Love that toddler giggle — I could listen to that all day long!! Thanks for sharing, Megan!

    • Megan Bray

      Thanks! She has such a hardy laugh. I love it! I could listen to it all day too. She sure thinks her brother is hilarious.