Summer To Do List: Sleepover

We have checked off a few things from our summer to do list (read more about our list here). One of those things was a sleepover. Quinn slept over his grandparents with his aunt, but never had anyone sleepover. My cousin Ian, who is 12, slept over. Quinn just idolizes him and thinks he is pretty cool. He was the perfect sleepover guest too, because I didn’t have to worry about him getting homesick or missing his mommy.

The most amazing thing about having children is everything is magical. You experience life in a completely different way when you are experiencing it through the eyes of a child. You all remember how exciting it was to have a friend over, stay up way too late and eat way too much junk?

When I was in fifth grade we went to Camp Timberlee. I ate waaay too much cherry licorice. I happened to get the flu and threw up a whole lot of pink. My twin brother was having just as much fun in his cabin and my little brother and sister were doing the same thing back home. Not the best timing. To this day I still cannot eat cherry licorice. In fact, just the smell of it makes me feel sick. Anyone else?

Back in the day, when we were at my grandparent’s house, my cousin and I would get down on our knees and bow down repeatedly chanting, “Please can we have a sleep over”. Then we would precede to hold hands and claim they were “glued together” and that we “couldn’t be separated”. Yes, sleepovers are pretty magical when you are a kid.

It was pretty fun to start creating those kinds of memories for my own kid. Luckily, no puking involved.

They ate pizza, watched a movie, played video games and ate way too much junk food.

The next morning I made the kiddos pancakes and we went to the park. I don’t think Ian appreciated being woken up at the crack of dawn. Welcome to my world buddy! You can only ignore the, “Get up! The sun is up! It is morning time!” for so long.

Before we left for the park, they found time to make a Mii of me (me on the Wii).

They thought they were so funny. Enough of that nonsense. Off to the park.

Quinn was super excited to follow Ian wherever he went. And yes, that grass straw, desperately needs water. Can you tell we are in the midst of a drought?

Daddy had to get in on that action.

It started to get a little too hot for the park so we headed to Barnes & Noble. That is where Ian’s mom met us to pick up her son. While we were there I snapped this photo on my phone.

We can check sleepover off of our summer to do list.

So here’s to magical memories and making the most of summer. Any of you check off something from your summer to do list? Any of you host a sleepover? What are your childhood memories of sleepovers?



  • Kris

    Great pictures. Great memories for Quinn and Ian.

  • Rosie

    This made me teary …. i remember the chanting on knees and glue ….

    • Megan Bray

      Yes, those were the good old days! Lots of memories and grandma and grandpas.

  • Carol G

    I think the pictures are awesome and it looks like Ian may have some special memories too. You’re never too old or young for special moments

  • Heidi @ Decor & More

    So sweet! Yay for checking things off the list!
    xo Heidi