Summer To Do List: Water Balloons

Our mission to check things off our to do list and make the most of summer continues. I introduced the summer to do list during my mid-summer crisis, which usually happens for me right around the Fourth of July. I already shared one thing off of our list here, and today it is all about the water balloon. This was a first for both kiddos.

This laundry basket put Quinn’s patience to the test. OMMM…Cannot touch the water balloons, OMMM…cannot touch the water balloons.

And its on….like Donkey Kong.

Check out this play-by-play of Eleanor’s first water balloon encounter.



Or not. Bounces right off.

Anyone else making progress on their summer to do list? How are you making the most of what is left of summer?


P.S. Water balloons pose a HUGE choking risk. Be sure to watch children closely and clean up after you are finished.





  • brianna

    the bikini is adorable on her. thanks for putting it on her and capturing so many cute pics

  • Carol

    OMG….so cute! I love how you captured all of their

  • Kelsey Winter

    I LOVE Eleanor’s reaction to the water balloon popping. What a great moment you captured!

    I’m going to make sponge balls for my daughter’s 1st birthday party and I can’t wait to let the kids go at it. Should be a lot of fun!

    • Megan Bray

      Sponge balls are a great idea…safer too. You’ll have to let me know how it turns out :)