Wooden Spoon Dolls

I am a hoarder of crafty supplies (as I mentioned in yesterday’s post). I should belong to a help group. Obviously when at Micheals and you see wooden cubes you buy one. Turned out to make a lovely photo cube. Who knew? You can read more on that here. Well right next to those photo cubes were wooden spoons. They were so cheap and I just had to have them. I just knew they would be good for kitchen art or a kids craft or something. Well those wooden spoons got together with my fabric scraps and my hot glue gun and now they are dolls.

Fun, right? First I made the girl, but then I had so much fun making her I made a superhero boy. I just think this would make the cutest little craft at a kid’s birthday party.

Now I use hot glue for just about everything. It is my favorite crafting weapon. If you have a love affair with another adhesive, use that.

For supplies you will need a glue gun, fabric scraps, scissors, a wooden spoon, yarn and a marker. You should know, I planned nothing, measured nothing and just snipped away. It IS meant to be fun folks.

I braided the three strands of yarn, tying a knot on each end. I hot glued that to the top of my spoon. Then I had an AHA moment and realized my coffee filter would make a great “pattern”.

I cut out two pieces and hot glued the sides together. I left the top and bottom open. Then I slid my spoon in through the top.

Slide that hot glue gun under the collar and put that dress in place. Bust out the marker and add some eyes, a nose and a mouth. Voila!

I constructed the superhero the same way.

I cut two black squares and glued them on the sides. I slid the spoon in and hot glued under the collar. I cut my cape out and glued it on. Then, I cut out a mask and some hair and hot glued that on. All that was left to do was draw on the face.

Spoon humor anyone? What do you think? Can you see it as a birthday party craft too? Have you done anything with spoons lately? And shoveling ice cream into your face doesn’t count ;).


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  • SalenaLee

    My mom used to make wooden spoon dolls when we were younger. This brought back great childhood memories. I had forgotten all about them. :) My girls would love these, they love to play puppets.

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      I didn’t know anyone else made these. How cool!