Jewelry Smewelry, Organization Smorganization


I like my baubles. I guess when your pregnant, not pregnant, nursing, not nursing, up a size, down a size accessories kind of become your best friend. You feel me? A totally plain shirt and jeans looks like you tried if you throw on a necklace or some statement earrings. It can even disguise the fact that you did not get to shower. Unless you smell. Jewelry can't help you there. Me and my baubles here: And here: And here: Apparently I like Instagram-ing my jewels. Well all these jewels were all over the house. They were in bins all tangled, on the bathroom counter, on ...

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Our “Master” Bedroom


Master is most definitely in quotes, because short of it being our room, it isn't very master-y. That's a word folks. If master bedroom brings up images of ample square footage, walk in closets and attached master baths, you are not thinking of our room. It is cozy, with a decent closet for a house built in 1939. The one and only bathroom is so close that we might actually have less steps to it then the folks with Master bedrooms/baths. We are having a party for Quinn's birthday at our house this weekend. I don't know about you, but around here, that guarantees some cleaning is going to ...

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Puffy Paint Glow Pumpkin


I can't believe it is possible that I am a craft blogger and this is my first pumpkin blog post. What? Crazy, right? I found this pumpkins at Target's Dollar Spot. The name is a tad misleading since the pumpkin was in fact, $2.50. Either way, cheapest pumpkins I've seen. I was fortunate to be sent a package of glow in the dark puffy paint from Tulip as part of the  iLoveToCreate campaign. I was tempted to forgo pumpkins and paint spider webs on some glassware, because I loved how my puffy painted spider web vases turned out last year. In the end, I decided to give you ...

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A Day In The Life


Ask and you shall receive. Some of y'all said you wanted to see a day in the life post. Be prepared to be wowed. Or not. Probably more not. Turns out I am super bad at this. I tried snapping pictures with my iPhone throughout the day. Turns out I got a lot of dark and blurry photos. Whoops! Quinn is usually the first one up. He feels the need to wake up at the crack of dawn. Why? He always comes straight into our room, usually asks to snuggle and then talks way too much for 6 am. And even though all I want to do is sleep, I love this more than anything. I will miss the days that snuggling ...

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Dollar Store Tray to Chalkboard Decor


I have an obsession with chalkboard paint. We have it on the closet doors in the kid's rooms and in the kitchen. When I got some Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint (courtesy of Plaid Crafts) I was just itching to turn something into a chalkboard. Over the weekend I was at the Dollar Store trying to snag some cool fall decor. That is when I saw a stack of these metal trays. ONE DOLLAR FOLKS! So this, contact paper and a junk toy for Quinn turned out to be our only Dollar Store finds. Quinn loves going to the Dollar Store. The junkier the toy, the more he wants it. I'm not kidding. The kid ...

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Fun Kid Bookmark


Lately Quinn has been obsessed with reading big books. We have tried some chapter books and he loves reading these big story collections. Enter: Ghetto fabulous bookmarks, Star Wars Fruit snack wrapper and scrap of fabric. I wish I was kidding. The funny thing is: Quinn became obsessed with these bookmarks. He HAD to open up to the page. He HAD to put the bookmark in. The concept fascinated him. He even picked a bookmark at the prize counter at Chuck E. Cheese's. We lost that one. Hence, fabric scraps and fruit snack wrappers. I remembered seeing this really cute bookmark ...

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This Mom’s Back To School’s Musings


This week Quinn started preschool. It is only two days a week for 2.5 hours. Even though his time away isn't long, it is monumental. It is the start of his school career and his experiences without me. The start of him meeting people I don't know. It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that I am a parent of a child in school. I feel like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital. It is quite remarkable how quickly time flies when you are a parent. Quinn is a very special kind of kid. I hope that my speaking of my child positively will not be taken the wrong way. ...

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Am I Ready To Have Children?


Today I saw a blog post about knowing if you are ready to have kids. The blogger talked about people being in love with the idea of a wedding and not really thinking about the long haul. She wondered if she was in love with the idea of having a baby. You know the shower, the excitement, the gifts, the cute baby stuff. She posed the question: How do I know I am ready? I started to leave a comment, at which point I realized I had a lot to say on the subject. I decided to make it a post instead. Maybe some of you are wondering the same thing. Or maybe some of you have ideas to throw into the ...

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Fall Mantle & Printable


The fall mantle is done-zo! I think. I have been known to fiddle, create and tweak, but for now I am calling it DONE :). If you have been following along you know all about how I created that burlap and fabric flower fall wreath,  the rope vase and the tractor and hay photography. Remember I ordered the wrong size prints? So they get cut off a bit. Really wishing you could see the headlights on the tractor. (shakes fist). You might remember that gorgeous wooden bowl from my World Market post. And because I love you folks so much I'm throwing in this feast printable in a nice worn ...

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August In Review


August seemed to be about three things: 1. Crossing things off of our summer to do list. 2. Back to School. 3. Prepping for fall. It is absolutely crazy to me that summer is over, that Quinn will start preschool and turn 4 this fall and that my husband is going to be 30. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating 21. Hard to believe how quickly we went from being excited to go to bars to two kids, a mortgage and careers. Anyone else look around and wonder, Whose life is this? As far as crossing things off of our summer list, here are a few I blogged about this August: Making ...

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