August In Review

August seemed to be about three things:

1. Crossing things off of our summer to do list.

2. Back to School.

3. Prepping for fall.

It is absolutely crazy to me that summer is over, that Quinn will start preschool and turn 4 this fall and that my husband is going to be 30. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating 21. Hard to believe how quickly we went from being excited to go to bars to two kids, a mortgage and careers. Anyone else look around and wonder, Whose life is this?

As far as crossing things off of our summer list, here are a few I blogged about this August: Making the Most of What You Got, Lemonade Stand Cash-Money Millionaire Style, Summer to Do List:Flying a Kite. There are still of handful of things we did and I have yet to blog about. I loved having a summer to do list. Just by writing something down you live more consciously. You make a point of taking action. When life gets super busy it easy to just let it all slide by. In fact, the summer list was so much fun I plan on doing a Fall to Do list.

I hope our summer to do list inspired you to get out there and enjoy some summertime fun with your kiddos/family. How did you all do with your summer plans?

In case you missed some of the back to school printables from last year, I rounded them up here, along with what I think every teacher wants every parent to know. You should read it ;). This year brought a few more printables like this Dr. Seuss Quote and the Back 2 School Questionnaire.

I started to get the itch for fall. We went on a photography hunt looking for some fall mantle photos opportunities. I also made my fall wreath. Tomorrow I finally will share the fall mantle a new printable.

I also rounded up some of my fall ideas, inspiration and printables from last year. This is the first time I actually have archives to pull from. Kind of exciting :).

Of course there were a few crafty, DIY projects thrown in. I created a rope vase/utensil crock that I adore! I also added some trim around a pair of lamp shades. All in all it was a pretty non-crafty month. I guess I was too busy playing and making memories. I hope you were all just as busy enjoying your summer.

I have a million ideas, projects running through this little head of mine. As always…money, money, money. Isn’t that how it always goes? Hopefully we will start digging into some fun projects soon.

Now that it is September, what are you looking forward too?


  • Lauren

    This summer was the first time I had made a to-do list, and my man and I were surprisingly able to complete a lot of them! It was definitely one of the most awesome summers. Happy back to school, and I hope Quinn enjoys preschool!
    As for what I’m looking forward to in September? The foliage! I am lucky enough to live in New England :)

    • Megan Bray

      I’m with you. A list definitely holds you accountable. Glad you had such a fabulous summer. We had Quinn’s PK parent orientation meeting tonight. He starts Monday. I’m really excited for him. And yes, the fall foliage is something to look forward to.

  • Heidi Milton

    It’s hard for me think about a Fall to do list, because the calendar is already full! But I do plan to set a goal to soak in a little more of the season along the way this year. :) Looking forward to seeing your mantel!
    xo Heidi

    • Megan Bray

      I bet. We’re thinking about swim lessons for Quinn and then PK two days a week. Pretty low key around here.