January In Review

Ahh…the month of love! Hard to believe that is February already. Only 10 weeks until baby boy graces us with his presence. We still need to get Eleanor’s big girl room ready, transition her into a big girl bed (at 21 months) and give the nursery some boyish charm. All in ten weeks. Did I mention 10 weeks? With Easter, baby showers and weddings my weekends are dwindling.

As overwhelming as that checklist feels at times, it was pretty awesome to look back on the blog to see what I have accomplished. February might me be the month of love, but I started my Valentine’s day prep in January. I got the dining room shelf decked out for Valentine’s day (printables too!) and created a pretty cool maze valentine printable for the kiddos with my husband.

Ever Changing Dining Room Shelf- Valentine Shelf

#Printable #Valentine Non Candy with #Arrow Pencil

So that nursery that needs some boyish charm…I kind of started it. I mean… if envisioning it, is starting it. I shared my blue and orange robot nursery mood board.

Boy Robot Nursery Mood Board

Then three REALLY big things happened in January. I turned 30!! Which I shared about here. We cut cable, which prompted me to write a post about living on one income and 13 ways to find money. Lastly, we managed to get most of our basement in order, which was a huge and seemingly impossible task. I even have my own little space to craft now :).

Basement Organization: Craft Room, Work Room using #TRINITYproducts #spon

I also shared my first ever house crashing post in January. My sister, all the way out in Connecticut, shared her space with us. As much as I love it, I cannot wait until she is out of it and back home in Wisconsin!

House Tour: #DIY Home on a #Budget

I also found my inner-Monet…or something like that. While painting with Quinn I kind of fell in love with my painting and decided to frame it. The refrigerator is for amateurs people! The art kind of inspired/pulled together my little dining room shelf vignette.

DIY Watercolor Art Kitchen Shelf Vignette with Fiestaware

Apparently I had dining room shelf vignette’s on the brain in January, because I took a walk down memory lane and shared with you the many faces of my ever-changing dining room shelf.

Ever Changing Dining Room Shelf

There were a few other posts thrown in there for January, but that about sums it up. As I get a farther along in my pregnancy and Eleanor’s nap strike continues I am blogging much less than I would like. That coupled with all the work that needs to be done has me missing you all. I have been trying to stick to three posts a week, minimum. Becoming a subscriber is a great way to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

I am just going to throw it out there, Apartment Therapy 2013 Homies are open for voting. You can only vote for a blog once. I would love, love, love to have your votes. Last I checked, I was hanging out near the bottom with 13 votes. Thank you to any and all that take the time to show their support. It is greatly appreciated and really helps this pregnant momma out. See how I threw in pregnant to pull on your heart strings and make you click over ;).

February should be a fun month. I have a lot of projects and fun things to share on the horizon. Any projects you are looking forward to or dreading?




  • http://www.facebook.com/hmmilton Heidi McCarty Milton

    You had a super productive January, Megan! Hard to believe that little guy will be here so soon — knowing you, you’ll have everything in perfect order. :)
    xo Heidi

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Thanks Heidi, I sure hope so.

  • Virginia

    Don’t worry about the bed transition at 21m! I put my daughter in a bed at 15 m because our son was on the way. We let her play on the bed for a few days, then nap, then sleep. We just told he not to get out until we said she could. We of course had a rail because it was a twin and not a toddler bed!

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      I’m hoping it goes that smoothly. My son transitioned easily at that age, but my daughter is a whole other personality :).