You Asked, I Answered

I threw this up on Facebook “Lets play a game! Y’all leave some questions & then I’ll compile the answers in a blog post. Fun, serious….something you have been dying to know. Fire away!” and these are the five questions I received:

1. What are you naming your baby? -Brianna D.

2. Good one. I was wondering the same. If you couldn’t blog or craft, how crazy would you go? It’s a great creative outlet. -Stacy M.

3. How do you do it all?! I envy you girl!!!! You are an inspiration to me in many ways!xo -Sara M.

4. What is the one major home project you dream of doing?-Jessyca B.

5. What did you ever do with the rummage sale doors? -Mattie H.

Good questions. Now I will do my best to answer them in the order they were received.

1. This question actually comes from my sister. Little stinker! She has been anxious to hear baby’s name. We have decided to name the baby Hudson. I don’t actually know anyone with this name, it isn’t too popular, it sounds cute when the kids say it, and Ross and I both seem to like it. What really sealed the deal is Hudson means, “son of Hugh” and this will be the great grandson of Hugh. My grandpa holds a very special place in my heart. I have written about my grandparents on the blog before, most recently here.

Wedding Photo With Grandparents

So yes, those of you who saw the mood board for baby’s room and thought, Is that H a clue? It was. An unofficial clue, since we were still hemming and hawing. It just feels so surreal to put your foot down and say yes, this human being will be named _____. After a few months of inserting his name in goodnight songs and using it randomly, it has started to feel a little more natural. You know, things like, “Quinn, Eleanor, Hudson. Knock it off!”. I would also like to point out that just on my mom’s side (Hugh & JoAnn) I have 23 Aunts/uncles, there are 38 grandchildren, and 15 great grandchildren with 4 more on the way. So finding a name that hasn’t been used gets trickier and trickier.


2. Life without blogging I can imagine, since most of my life has been without blogging. Life without crafting I cannot. The only thing I ever wanted to do in preschool was paint on the easel, I have been rearranging my furniture since my best friend and I were old enough to move it (10), and I have been doodling and creating for as long as I can remember. From Lite Brites, to Bedazzler’s I tried it all.

Lite Brite

I may not always be crafting per-say, but I am in some way creating and playing with the space around me. Since blogging, I have kept on doing the same things I was doing before the blog, but now I take pictures and I share it with all of you. I have to admit that sharing and growing a community gets to be pretty addicting. I find so much reward in blogging and will continue to do so as long as that reward exists. For the record, you are the reward! I am astutely and painfully aware of every pageview, comment, pin, Facebook friend, like, tweet, etc. So to answer Stacy’s question I would go insane if I couldn’t craft and thanks to you all I am addicted to blogging.


3. First of all, what a compliment. I am honored to be an inspiration to anyone. Second of all, I don’t do it all. I share what I love and try to keep Balancing Home a positive place. But I am 100% normal. My house gets messy, my kids throw tantrums, my husband and I argue, my to-do list is a mile-long (which I have talked about here, here and here). My kids and my home are my strengths, but I have so many weaknesses. I use to read all the time and now I cannot remember the last time I picked up a book. I haven’t exerised in ages and I grew up a competitive athlete. Argh! I also am not a fan of the kitchen and while I can manage to get a dinner on the table, I rather not. I will say that what I do manage to get done is thanks to an incredibly supportive husband. He does A LOT! We are 100% a team. He cleans and does laundry and loads the dishwasher and paints and cooks and so do I. If he went to work and expected everything else to be done me I would be drowning. When we are home together everything is ours. He might cook dinner while I entertain the children/set the table, but then I clean it up while he gives the kids a bath (aka watch them play and be goofballs). He is a very devoted dad and loves spending time with his kids. Most everything is tag-team. We either work on projects or get things done when kids are napping or asleep or someone is hanging out with the kids while the other is working. We mostly try to make the time the kids are awake about family and save the errands for later.

Father and Son

4. Oh, Jessyca…Just one? Home projects I dream of: Bathroom renovation, basement finished, new windows, new driveway/front porch/walkway. Okay, so the windows and driveway aren’t so fun, but they need to be done and are going to cost a fortune and I have no idea how we are ever going to afford to get ’em done (cough, cough…Feldco…cough). The front walkway and porch are more cosmetic. If we are doing the driveway we might as well make a beautiful curvy walkway and pour a new porch, right? Our porch has carpet glued to it and would need to be resurfaced. We also have these lovely rod-iron railings with grapes that I would LOVE to replace. We have one bathroom and we have made a dent. We replaced the tub/shower and the toilet. The tile is god-awful and the vanity is outdated. My friends little girl used the bathroom and said, “Look mom, tiny magic carpets”. The only space we have is the kitchen, dining room (where our one and only table is) and living room. We don’t have an office or a family room or a den or a playroom or any extra space. Creating a safe and functional space in the basement for all the kids stuff would be a dream come true. Especially, since Ross and I have always wanted to be the “cool house”. We want our house to be the place where the kids and their friends want to hang out. We want to know the kids’ friends and what they are up to. A cool basement would definitely help get us on the list ;).

Bathroom Tile
Front Door

House Front

5. Mattie has been following me for a LONG time! Way back when I found these doors (you can read about them here). I have all these cool ideas, but no square footage. They are currently sitting in my basement. We have such an open floor plan and so many windows that there is not a whole lot of spare space. I keep thinking someday we will move and I will find the perfect place for them. I have thought of turning them into giant leaning mirrors, a headboard, putting a sconce on them and some shelves, just leaning them against the wall for architecture, turning them into a table, etc. I have hemmed and hawed over painting them, refinishing them, or just leaving them worn. As of now, they are just sitting in the basement waiting for their moment.

Rummage Sale Doors

So there you have it! You asked, I answered. That was kinda fun. I would love to learn something about you, so drop me a line.

  • Julie Bigley

    My secret guess was Hudson, how crazy! I love the name and how it’s connected to your family.

    • Megan Bray

      That is crazy! Good guess Julie & thank you :).

  • Kate Affeldt

    Megan! I think Hudson fits in perfectly with the other names in your family, it sounds really good w/ your last name, and I love that it has a story behind it! Plus it is ageless. I laughed when I saw the question about the garage sale doors, because I was looking for before-and-afters to get some ideas for our apt, and I saw that post. I too have been curious about the fate of the doors! And finally, you are definitely an inspiration — I have gotten tons of ideas for my place from looking through your projects, and I even completed my first one this week: a kitchen stool update! So, thanks! 😀

    • Megan Bray

      Yay! I wanna see the kitchen stool update :). I owe you an email ;).

  • Bets

    LOVE the name!! That was one we were considering for our own son but it didn’t go well with our last name. I was so bummed I almost suggested changing our last name to something else! (well, not really, but I WAS bummed) xoxo Good luck with everything.

    • Megan Bray

      Ha ha! Thanks. What name did you end up with?

      • Bets

        We ended up naming him Ryan. At the time (15 years ago, ACK!) there weren’t a whole lot of Ryans around and it was the only other boy name my hubby and I both liked (thank goodness we only had daughters after Ryan, lol). When baby #3 came along I wanted to name her Riley, but we thought it would be too confusing with two “Ry” sounding names. She ended up being Kelli (which fits her perfectly), and our middle daughter is Corinna (the middle part sounds like “in” though some people mispronounce it “een”). So that’s our story and I’m stickin’ to it. Congrats on your pregnancy and your wonderful family. I really enjoy reading your blog.

        • Megan Bray

          Thank you! And I love the name Ryan. It has already been used in my family though.