Britax Stroller Giveaway

This Tuesday baby #3, Hudson will be 3 months! My where has the time gone. To celebrate his arrival and help you other mommies out, I am having a week-long baby shower. Stop by here every day this week for a chance to win a baby essential: a diaper bag organizer from sugarSNAP, a baby carrier and mini carrier from Boba, & $100 to Minted. Poofy Cheek Shop Credit

Week Long Baby Shower

We are kicking off the week with a big one- a stroller! I was given the B-Ready by Britax to try out and I get to give one to one of you!


For 3 months this has been my go-to stroller. It is so flexible (umm…try 14 different configurations flexible). I have a 4 year old (Quinn), 2 year old (Eleanor) and a new baby (Hudson) so we are always out on the go. Eleanor is at this really independent, “by myself” phase and rarely wants to sit in a stroller. Hudson is in that annoying, awkward car seat carrier and I hate lugging that thing around and that is why I love this stroller. We have the coordinating car seat and one of the extension accessories so we can quickly and easily make it a stroller for one or two, depending on our needs.

For a walk with the family, both kiddos went in the stroller.

Britax B-Ready Stroller Giveaway

Normally Eleanor walks at the zoo, but on this particular day she was tired and whiny (What? That doesn’t happen to your kids?) and she said she wanted her seat, so I popped it in instead of leaving it in the trunk

Britax BReady Stroller Giveaway

When we were at a graduation party we knew Eleanor would be busy running around and playing and would have no need for her seat so we popped that out (so simple) and dropped Hudson’s car seat in.

Britax BReady Stroller Giveaway

Of course now Hudson is at the perfect height for visitors. This is him visiting with my grandpa. My Grandpa is turning 80 this month. He had 12 children and one thing hasn’t changed–he still loves babies. Hudson is actually named after my grandpa, Hudson means son of Hugh and that is my grandpa’s name. Or in this case- great grandson of Hugh.

When I am running to Target, or taking the kids through B&N I always pop the car seat right into the B-Ready. I absolutely hate lugging that thing. The B-Ready has such a huge basket underneath that I can throw my diaper bag and everything else we are lugging too. Britax added zippers on all sides of the basket so you can easily access the under-basket from any side.

I probably should also point out that the handle is adjustable. My husband is 6-7 and has no problem pushing the stroller.

Britax BReady Stroller Giveaway

It also has a nice big sun visor. I hate when the visor is so little and it does nothing to protect the kiddos.

Britax BReady Stroller Giveaway

And in case you are wondering, baby can still see out and about.

Britax BReady Stroller Giveaway

Yes, it is true. I absolutely love this stroller. It makes it easier to get a newborn and a toddler who is forever changing her mind out and about. As the kids grow this stroller gives us so much flexibility. You can add-on accessories, but the stroller-without any accessories rocks too.

Britax has a registry rewards program that is definitely worth checking out.

Britax Rewards Program

I was provided product so I could share my experience with you. All opinions and ideas are my own.



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  • Emily Garcia

    I am so jealous! This stroller is similar to the one I have, although mine has so many miles on it from walking kids to and from school a mile each way that it is falling apart… poor Esme because I am not buying a new stroller for baby #7. I would love to win one, though! And to get the whole gang out of the house I, too, often skip a shower (yuk) and we start getting ready WAY early. My clocks are all a few minutes ahead. All the big kids help the little kids and I bring as little as possible… bare essentials because I just can’t stand lugging too much stuff everywhere.

  • Debbie

    This is the stroller I plan to get when the time comes for us. I babysit and will need a stroller I can put 2 kids into, but I don’t want a double since we will only have 1 when I’m not babysitting. Love to hear you love it for your different ages!

  • KelliJoLewis

    I have three kiddos too, and every time I see this stroller I have MAJOR stroller envy! :)

  • Heather Dolan Blaylock

    I have an almost 3 year old and a baby on the way. This stroller would be awesome for our family!

  • Ashley

    I never knew such stroller existed. This seems like a must have with baby 2 due the end of August. I struggle to get one child out the door before 10am so I don’t schedule anything before 10 am so I have plenty of time to chase him down to dress him and get us out the door.

  • Andrea Kay

    I had just had my third baby , so I try to pack the diaper bag and/or the car the night before to get out the door in the mornings :)

  • Angela Hunt

    A stroller like this is a must with more than one child!! Awesome giveaway!

  • Sheena Anderson

    My way to getting out of the house quickly with four kids is planning and being prepared the night before.

  • Melissa Scott

    Kids get baths night before so its easy to get them dressed in the morning. That usually saves me time and stress.

  • Ashley Whisenant

    My husband makes the coffee and has my mug ready to go!

  • Lesli

    I lay out clothes the night before so I can just grab them and go in the morning!

  • Julie Bigley

    With my first little one on the way this October I’m a bit overwhelmed with the thought of having another person to get ready to leave the house. But I’m hopeful we’ll find our rhythm quickly.

  • srkjar04

    I’m so excited! That stroller look awesome!

  • Amanda Rudd

    My “hint” is just to do it quickly before you lose your nerve to do it LOL I have a 4 year old and a 21 month old and I’m due next month with baby boy #3….If I don’t do it in a hurry, I’ll find a reason not to πŸ˜›

  • gigi

    I love this stroller!

  • Katelyn Graves

    I keep the diaper bag packed and ready and I try to get as much ready the night before!

  • Keri LeBrun

    Prepping the night before helps us to get out the door on time!

  • Windy Phillips

    I can’t skip a shower, I’d be refused entry wherever we went…but I can decide it’s a “wavy hair day” and skip the blow dry. Curling mousse, scrunch, done!

  • cwgriff

    I have to tell the gang that we absolutely must leave at a certain time… which is usually 15-30 minutes earlier than our real must-leave time :)

  • Emily Mott

    I’m with ya on skipping the shower– my laundry room is on the way out so I usually leave a clean outfit for my little in there so I don’t have to search through his closet last min. for one!

  • Kirsten Hamstra

    Love that this stroller fits two perfectly – expecting our 2nd in a couple months!

  • nmhutchison

    I am 16 weeks pregnant with our first (yay, we’re super excited) and I have to say, I’m so impressed with the Britax stroller and line of carriers and car seats. I hope I win, it’ll definitely be appreciated.

  • Allison {A Glimpse Inside}

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway Megan!

    I occasionally skip showers too and that is just with one kid. LOL Who knows what will happen when Baby #2 arrives this fall.

  • Karie

    Awesome giveaway! Our trick to getting out of the house is to get as much ready the night before as possible so that the morning time runs smooth…This includes lunches, clothes, bookbags and shoes!

  • Jennifer Sharpe

    I lay the kids clothes out the night before so they can dress themselves in the morning.

  • Nicole Heiney

    Pack the night before….load everything in the car that I can preload.

  • tweetyscute

    I try to get all our stuff organized before so that I am not having to overthink things

  • Kelsey W.

    I always aim to get out of the house about a half an hour before we need to be somewhere. We never actually get out of the house on time, but I’ve built some wiggle room into my schedule so we generally get to our destination on time.

  • Debra Casteel

    I’ve seen this stroller system before…it’s awesome! This would be perfect for my daughter who’s pregnant with our first grandchild!

    • Megan Bray

      Ooh! How exciting. Congrats!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Kate Affeldt

    My baby-toting days are hopefully in the not-too-distant future, and till then, my sweet niece Esme could take it for a spin! I especially love the adjustable handle for tall daddies :-)

    • Megan Bray

      Oh man Kate! I thought you were breaking the news right here on my blog!
      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Christina

    oh my word I NEED THIS!! Right now it’s amazing if I can get out of the house not smelling like a sweaty beast…this heat & humidity is KILLING me with just 2 weeks left of being preggo!! Yikes!!

    • Megan Bray

      Oh man! Full term in this heat is tough!! Hang in there girl!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Sydney

    What an awesome giveaway! After our morning nursing session our newborn falls asleep and takes a nap. I take this time to take a quick shower and eat breakfast. It’s so tempting (and often I indulge) to snuggle up with her and rest but if we have a busy day ahead it’s all about delegating time!

  • Kelly Herring

    I try to “pack up” all the essentials the night before!

  • Holly B

    My tip isn’t much better, I get my shower, but only because I get up so early!

  • SavviSmiles

    I’m 21 weeks along with my first!!! I don’t have a tip to getting everyone out of the house, yet! This would be great to have though especially for expanding our family and would be handy toting multiple kids in one stroller.Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Lauren

    I have emergency essentials in the car like diapers, wipes and snacks. It gets me out a little faster knowing I don’t have to pack! Would love this stroller for when we are expecting #2!

  • Nikki Tatum Haynes

    I have loved that stroller ever since I saw you with it lol

  • Kristen S

    14 combinations? Blowing my mind!

  • Summer Crosbie

    I make sure the diaper bag is ready the night before and I also keep extra stuff in the car!

  • amberrenae

    The stroller sounds amazing and I love that as you have another child you can convert it into a stroller for two! I am pregnant with my first but I would say always stock up your diaper bag with whatever you used on the last outing so it is ready to go next time you leave.

  • Princess

    What an awesome giveaway!!!

  • Amanda M

    I usually leave feeling scattered, but that is probably my pregnancy brain! As long as I have a snack and juice..I am good to go!

  • Elena

    Have their bag packed and ready by the door. A three year old and and almost 2 year old. Getting them ready before me! That way I know how long I have and can avoid being really late.

  • Lindsay Smith

    I’m loving that stroller! Great giveaway :)

  • jennifercrewell

    I have the kids in the bath at the same time, outfits ready before hand and take minimal stuff with us! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Tina

    Lol! I always skip the shower (shower in a can works great!) as long as I have on deodorant and my teeth are brushed! I have 3 little girls and another on the way this week! A trip to the park is always a great and easy way to get my girls out!

    • Megan Bray

      Congrats! Wishing you a happy and safe delivery!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

      • Tina

        Oh thank you! This will be my most “trying” pregnancy yet… The Army moves us at the end of this month. New baby, big move, my wedding anniversary and moving with 3 children under 3…. Agh. Thanks for the congrats! :)

        • Megan Bray

          Whew! I’m exhausted for you. Best of luck!

          Megan Bray
          Balancing Home

  • Kylie Carlson

    I pack the diaper bag the night before, and have it ready to go by the front door. Also, pick out clothes the night before, and have food/bottles ready to be put into a cooler if we’ll be out for most of the day. Keeping that homemade baby food cold is hard work! This is an amazing giveaway, and would be perfect for baby #2 on the way :)

  • Sarah

    preparing for it the day before. Even if it’s just a walk. I’ve found we actually get out of the house when we prepare.. If not, it takes ALL morning! πŸ˜‰

    • Megan Bray

      Exactly! I need to get better about prepping!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Abigail Thomson

    I try to keep with a feeding schedule as much as possible. Lucky for me I have pretty cooperative kids as long as they’re fed :]

    • Megan Bray

      Lol…my kids start melting down when they are hungry! Well-fed kids are a must.
      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Stephanie Wilcox

    Set everything out the night before! :)

  • Kelly Kuntz

    This looks like an amazing stroller! I “try” to pack our bags the night before so that I’m not rushing around in the morning for diapers, swim suits etc.

  • Kira Kukulka

    We always have the diaper bag packed and ready. We all have a routine so that everyone knows what they are expected to do to get out the door which makes mommy’s life much easier!

  • Ariana Lapierre

    Shower/baths the night before!

  • Brooke Morrison

    Planning ahead and getting things ready to leave before I need to leave is my trick to getting out of the house!

  • Christina P

    My trick to getting out of the house faster is putting my hair up in a pony tail and pulling my clothes out the night before. Also if I know we have something planned the night before I will prepare anything I can ahead of time. Snacks, diaper bag, etc.

  • Ani

    I prep the night before. Its the only way they I get up and get out. The longer we stay in the house the longer we stay at home and then end up late!

  • Juliana Wade

    I just make sure everything is read to go way before hand!

  • Laura Miller

    I often just throw the girls in the shower with me….I get zero privacy, but we get out the door quicker!

    • Megan Bray

      I didn’t know mom’s got privacy EVER πŸ˜‰

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

      • Laura Miller

        Haha! True! I’m about to have 4, so I’ve doomed myself!….but their giggles are infectious! :)

  • Lisa Gonzalez

    Getting kids dressed and a snack while they watch tv in our room we get ready. They need a quiet distraction so they don’t get dirty, messy, or undressed. Lol

    • Megan Bray

      Yes! Tv is my best friend when trying to get out the door!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Danielle D

    In our house we try and have a designated place for as many items as possible, that way when we are getting ready to go, we know where the things we need are and it becomes habitual to grab and go. The main things are keys, jackets, snacks, etc. it really is a huge time saver!

  • Nicole-Lynn

    I’m expecting my first baby (girl!) this fall, so I have not had that moment of rushing out the door with a baby and my husband, but I will soon! My tip would be to have the keys ready, diaper bag packed!

  • Kelly Mui

    prepping the night before! it’s amazing how much less stress it is!

  • Laurie Snow

    No trick… just do it! the 3.5 year old loves to go “bye-bye” so he’s ready as soon as we say go! and the 7.5 month old twins diaper bag is always packed and ready!

  • Lindsay Garcia

    I’m pretty unorganized with getting out lol. But I tend to worry more about getting my sons stuff ready than myself. I can put my hair in a pony tail or braid and be ready. Easy hairstyle means quick exit…that and no makeup.

    • Megan Bray

      I live by the ponytail and my kids always look better than me πŸ˜‰

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Melissa Hendrix

    I have to admit the lack of a shower and the addition of a hat tends to be my go to.

    • Megan Bray

      Dry shampoo!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • momtoem

    We pack the night before.
    Lena N.
    lejn05 at yahoo dot com

  • Christy Milner Cunningham

    have certain basics packed up and ready to go in a specific part of the house that I can just grab and go without having to think or prep

  • Brooke M

    I would have to agree with you that I skip the shower and do it at nap time :o)

  • Kristin

    On a typical day, to get out of the house on time, I always start getting ready at least an hour to two hours before we have to leave the house! And I try to be ready 10-15 minutes before I really need to

  • Lori

    I take a shower the night before so that I don’t have another step in the morning. I also try to prepare as much as I can the night before (getting snacks ready, diaper bag packed).

  • Carissa Whaatt

    I start pretty early. Although it’s just my two boys and myself. But still takes a bit. Usually someones throwing a fit.Even walking the block to go get my mail is a challenge!

  • Sarah L

    My trick is waking up before my baby wakes up. Luckily I have a daughter who sleeps in!

  • Elizabeth Causaruckus

    I keep routinues as simple as possible and wear a lot of jeans/tshirts, pony tails etc.

  • Amy Cates

    I try to do as much the night before..

  • Suzanne

    Sometimes I resort to letting my DD watch ipad while I change her and get ready.

  • Charlotte Haddock

    Forget make-up!

  • Elizabeth Pyo

    I don’t eat breakfast :(

  • Amy Lumley

    I don’t know about a trick, but I try to prepare as much as possible the night before and plan to get up early so I am ready (and I get my shower!!)

  • Emily Wells

    I have three boys (9, 8 and 3) and I usually take them out by myself (husband works long hours). My trick is to start getting ready 15-20 minutes before you think you need to.

  • Meghann Hutchison

    I have everything ready to go the night before plus I try to get up and ready before everyone else gets up

  • Casey B

    Make sure that they’re full and just woken up from a nap!

  • Michelle Lee

    My trick is to get up in the morning WAY before they do…that way I have as much time as I need to get ready plus some ME time to drink my coffee hot.

    • Megan Bray

      I miss hit coffee!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Maria H

    I lay out outfits the night before.

  • Lilia Kharabora

    I often pack the car, purse, baby bag, snacks, etc.. while the kids are napping or playing. Big help to get out of the house.

  • Jen H

    I prep everything the night before!

  • adina

    I pack everything the night before- it’s the only way to survive!

  • Rebekah Chow

    My trick to getting out of the house is to give my son one of his toy cars to carry with him. Works every time.

  • Caron B

    I try to plan ahead and make sure I have snacks and drinks ready ahead of time.

  • RoseMarie Anne Pavlik

    We give the kids a 10 minute warning that we have somewhere to go and that they need to clean up whatever activity they are doing, get their hands and faces washed, socks and shoes on, and be ready to go. Most of the time we have very good luck and head out the door right on time. For those times that we have a straggler, I check the time that everyone else is ready to go and that person has to do chores or loose out on an activity for the same amount of time that it took them to get ready and we had to wait.

  • Katie

    Do as much as possible the night before

  • Aura

    I used to have to get my 2 year old twins and newborn out of the apartment by 8am to get my 7 year old to the bus. I used to open the stroller with bundle me’s layed out and hats laying on top, backpack hanging from the back, and an emergency changing pad in the basket (for the mornings when diapers are leaking but don’t have time to change before running out and I want to protect the stroller seats). Cereal bowls were filled the night before and covered with spoons inside already and weekly stackers of clothing set up when I folded laundry. Winter’s are easier since no one can see pj’s under coats but laying things out usually helps. Brushing teeth with fingertip toothbrushes in the car has gone on days

  • Jenny Guerra

    I eat a protein bar for my breakfast in the car

  • Jen McCrea

    My trick to getting out on time is telling myself we have to be out of the house a half hour earlier than we actually do. For example, if I have to leave by 10:30 to get somewhere on time I tell myself we have to be in the car by 10, because inevitably we are a half hour behind!

  • sandy c.

    would love to win this amazing britax stroller!!!! good luck everyone =)

  • Britni Bradford

    I had to start showering at night… But our real trick is the Signing Time DVDs… it’s the only TV DD gets to watch and she loves it. She has a huge spoken and signing vocab thanks in part to them. Gives me 20 mins that I can get ready in peace.

  • Haley Bradley

    We add an extra hour to get ready and we still manage to be late lol!

  • Alycia M

    I lay out his outfit for the next day while we’re getting him ready for bed. I also check/re-stock the diaper bag each week so that I know we’re prepared if we have to rush out the door.

  • Ashley Schmidt

    We add extra time so we can all be ready. Thankfully 2 of the kids can dress themselves, lol.

  • Elizabeth Roby

    I throw my kids in the nearest(clean) clothes whether they match or not.

  • amypugmire

    I do as much as I can the night before and psych myself up! You can do this! you can do this! :)

  • Tracy D.

    I try to make things go more quickly by getting the bag/clothes/food ready the night before. It really helps on those days when I’m running behind…which is every day.

  • Laura B

    I try to prep the night before for long day/far drive.

  • mushka g

    i get one ready at a time and then give out treats to each one thats ready so that theyre occupied till everyones ready to leave

  • Chrystal

    Our baby hasn’t come yet, so my only trick is getting the husband out of the house! That’s hard enough. I’m sure baby and I will be waiting on the husband together though :)

  • Jonathan Baker

    Our trick is to divide and conquer – with two under the age of two, you often have to go to a “man to man” defense. I have no idea what we’ll do when we’re outnumbered!

    • Megan Bray

      We are running a zone defense πŸ˜‰

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Addison K.A.T.

    My trick is to plan to leave 45 mins before I actually need to leave. Then I don’t get so flustered when unexpected potty emergencies happen.

  • Saver Sara

    I pre-pack and pre-load the vehicle – but I have to say, we are still always late.

  • Kelly Falcone

    I let my daughter do a craft while I get the other one ready (no messy)

  • Stephanie Hansbury

    Baby isn’t here yet! My trick is to pack up as much as I can the night before leaving!

  • Christine Mayfield

    My trick is to get my older 2 to help my younger 2 while I take care of the baby

  • Manuela Liebelt

    I usually have everything packed the night before if it’s a planned trip. If it’s something spontaneous, the high chair and a small snack really help to keep LO still so I can get ready.

  • Heidi Berard

    We have clothes out the night before, quick breakfast and cups ready the night before. This way we get up, get dressed, grab the stuff and get out the door.

  • Mary Scherer Virnig

    I pack everything the night before. And makes lists!

  • Christy Isttc

    I generally skip breakfast and no makeup for me!

  • Katy Bremer Doran

    We have to make sure we bring at least one of our daughter’s favorite toys. This isn’t hard since she has a million “favorites.” She can’t go anywhere without a plastic dinosaur or horse in her hands.

  • Megan M

    They way we get out of the house is to always have a diaper bag packed. And planning to leave way before we need to :-)

  • Jessica Strudthoff

    There are no choices to be made by someone not old enough to drive when we are in a hurry. You need to put on x, grab y book, and meet me at the door in 5 minutes.

  • Lisa Pimentel

    I pre-pack the night before & I am the first to shower so I can get the rest out the door.

  • tiffanyf56

    The only thing that helps me to get out the door is to be super organized and prepared…which I never am.:-). Baby #3 is due in September so I’m really trying to get my act together!

    • Megan Bray

      Woohoo! Congrats :)

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Sara Bahorski

    Extra time and low expectations! My three year old went to lunch today in cowboy boots and shorts….and it was 95 degrees.

    • Megan Bray

      Lol! Might be the best answer yet :).

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Stefanie Eremus

    Thanks for the great giveaways, I just had my third 2 months ago! Love your blog xoxo

    • Megan Bray

      You are welcome & thank you!

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Stefanie Eremus

    Lots of extra time, stuff packed and put near the door, try to get the older kids to carry their own stuff… still 1 out of 3 times we leave without everything we need!

  • Ashley

    Getting it together over night so it is ready to go in the morning!

  • Jenn McClearn

    I lay out my kids clothes ahead of time and get myself dressed first

  • beattyjg

    Having everything prepared ahead of time!

  • Angela Yer

    I make sure that everything is prepared in advance.

  • Heather Miles

    The trick is waking my husband up early…he takes forever and also have things already ready the night before.

  • catholicfanatic

    I try to get everything ready in advance but with 4 kids it is hard getting anywhere on time! Sonya Morris

  • Kristen S

    I’d love to win this for my preggo friend!

  • Kelly

    My husband and I switch off who watches the kid while the other showers/gets ready

  • Abby B

    I wave the white flag and ask my husband to help dress them. I don’t even care if they make it out of the house with matching shoes, just as long as we all make it out.

    • Megan Bray

      Lol! I’m with you :)

      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

  • Jessica S.

    I try to start really early and try to make appts that aren’t first thing unless I have to. If I have to be somewhere early, I lay everything out the night before.

  • Alicia Bliss

    I normally get myself ready as fast as possible so no mske up and a bun will fo most days and then the little guy while he is still asleep or barely waking up to avoid any tantrums while getting ready.

  • Jamie Thompson

    I have no tricks to getting out the door in a hurry. i start my says so early to ensure we can be on time. But I often put hubby on baby duty so i can get ready faster! He is also responsible for putting on and tying shoes! My least favorite get the kids ready task! Also, Id love one of these! As a foster mom I never know what age kids ill have! The first week we were licensed we had a newborn, a 1yr old and a 2yr old, plus our 7yr old!
    Last month we had our 5 month old, 7 yr old a 4yr old foster daughter and a 16 month old foster son. This month I have our kids 7 and 5 months, plus a 3 yr old foster daughter and a 5yr old foster son! Whew! The versatility of this would be awesome for us!

    • Megan Bray

      Wow! You certainly are taking on a lot. How fortunate for these children to have someone like you in their lives!
      Megan Bray
      Balancing Home

      • Jamie Thompson

        Thank you Megan! It is a lot sometimes, but really I think we are the fortunate ones…these kids are such a blessing to us! πŸ˜‰

  • liberty ullian

    I like to get most stuff ready well in advance i.e. snacks, diapers, toys, extra clothes… then I do NOT tell my toddler that we are leaving, b/c that is just a hinderance, lol. The biggest thing for me is just knowing that even if I don’t have EVERYTHING we need, we will survive!

  • Anuhea Maeda

    I start getting ready a couple hours earlier or the night before. I also try not to stress about the house being perfectly clean when we leave. The main thing is that we leave the house!

  • Teresa

    I try to get most things ready the night before (if I’m not exhausted) but even then I still wake up early in the morning to double check that I have everything before heading out!