Five Things Friday

I’ve declared this the summer of me! Well that sounds incredibly selfish, but it is true. I am investing in myself–guilt free.


1. It started with the braces this spring. I mean, I need them, but I typically wouldn’t put myself on the list. I cannot wait to have them off and have straight teeth. I cannot believe how much of a difference there is already. I know I will be happy I did it in the long-run. Lets just say I’m kind of in an awkward stage right now ;).

2. I’ve also started working on losing weight. I “officially” started that April 11th and I’m down just over 25 lbs! I officially lost my “baby weight” for Hudson. Next up is my Eleanor baby weight. Then I’ve got get to get started on my “marriage weight”. I actually did get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight for Quinn so that baby weight is long gone. One step at a time!

3.  I bought some clothes for ME! My yoga pants that I have literally LIVED in since having Hudson were falling off. I hate buying clothes while my weight is fluctuating. I also hate feeling dumpy and frumpy so I hit some Memorial Day sales hard!

4.  I invested in a rehabilitative workout program– the MuTu System. I have diastasis recti. Basically, my stomach muscles are separated. I have about a 4 finger separation. This means my stomach domes (and people ask me when I am due all of the time), my core is weak and my body is not properly supported. Classic abdominal exercises are about the worse thing you can do for diastasis recti–making it worse. I’m one week in to the program. I will be sure to let you know all about my progress, seeing as though there may be many of you with the same problem. (affiliate link)

Me, pregnant with Hudson at 37 weeks.

37 weeks pregnant

5. I got a pedicure. I know it seems frivolous, but taking time out for me (guilt free) is helping me to stay committed to all these other changes. For the first time in years I am not pregnant or nursing and I am really craving some independence and a chance to get back a little bit of ME. Oh, and pedicures are calorie-free. WooHoo!


Hopefully come fall, I will be one hot momma. Or at least a healthy one, because really that is what is all about. Part of being healthy is being comfortable and confident–and I’m getting there.

Any of you reinvesting in yourself? Putting yourself back on that list?


*sidenote- I had no photos of myself to add to this post. Getting in photos is a goal of mine.

  • gigi

    Yeah! You’re worth it!

  • Bets

    Love it! Was thinking of doing a similar summer of me challenge, so this was quite timely. Congrats on the weight loss — that is AWESOME!!

    • Megan Bray

      The key to focusing on you is to not feel the tiniest bit guilty for it either ;).

  • Annie

    Nice to see you taking time for your self. Wonderful family picture made me smile a mile wide.

    • Megan Bray

      Thank you! What kind words.

  • Kristin Bodnar

    I had braces last year too and although they did feel awkward, im so glad i finally did it for myself and i am enjoying the results! P.S. if you reach your weight goals (which im sure you will), i’ll do a photo session for you my treat!! :) Lemme know!

    • Megan Bray

      Deal! How super sweet of you to offer too!

  • Sarah Parker

    How awesome! Congratulations on the 25# loss. I am on the same journey this summer with my weight. Thank you so much for the link, too. I have the same issue with my abs. It’s comforting to know there are others or there working at some of the same goals, so keep us updated!

    Ps, You look great!

  • Camden

    I would love to get your opinion on a teacher appreciation gift that I found on your website, the printable that says, “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart”. My child’s 3rd grade teacher is retiring after 16 years of teaching, I don’t know if she is the sentimental type or not and I don’t want this gift to make her really sad and I don’t know if its appropriate since the teacher will no longer be teaching. On the other hand, the printable could also have great meaning to her since she was a teacher for so many years, I guess I just worry that it might make her really sad as to what she will be missing now that she will no longer be teaching. Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day of school so if you could reply and let me know your thoughts hopefully today, I would be really appreciative.

    • Megan Bray

      I think that would be a fantastic gift! What better thing to tell a teacher then: You made a difference! I cannot even begin to imagine all the lives she touched in her time teaching. I think it is a wonderful way to honor all that she has done.

      • Camden

        Thank you SO much for replying back to me right away! I appreciate your input so very much. And yes this teacher was very loved by her students, she really was incredible teacher. I will go forward with doing this gift & I can’t thank you enough for sharing this printable with others.