Saddness Mixed with Joy

It seems like so many things in life are a bundle of emotions. As each door closes, another opens. As one phase ends, another begins.


Quinn graduated from 4k on Thursday. It was a casual picnic in the evening. The most formal part was where the children gathered in a circle and sang,

We had a happy year, we had a happy year. We are going off to Kindergarten, we had happy year. Its time to say goodbye (whoo), its time to say goodbye (whoo), its time to say goodbyeeeee….. (raises hands and waves).

This song was a twist on their normal, “we had a happy day….we will see you again tomorrow” version.

Each child was called up and received a binder full of a collection of work from the year, their 4th quarter report cards and a disc.


Quinn was was so excited for graduation. He was excited for the picnic and the park and his binder. You guys, he was so excited for his binder. He really seemed indifferent to the fact that school was over. This group of kids would be dispersing to schools all throughout the district for Kindergarten and most likely will never be together again.


I know he really liked his teachers, but he wasn’t the least bit sentimental when saying goodbye to them.


The evening of 4k graduation, before bed, we popped in that disc. It was a slide show of photos from the year.

By the second photo Quinn was sobbing hysterically. In between sobs he was saying things like:

Those are the best friends I ever had. I will never see them again. I want to go back to the beginning so I can have more time with them.

I get it. I didn’t cry a solitary tear at my wedding. Not a one. The following day we were running all sorts of errands, getting ready to leave for our honeymoon Monday morning. We stopped at Applebees for lunch and I broke down in the ugly cry. Hysterical. In between sobs I was saying things like:

I will never be a Gregory again. My diploma says Gregory. Everyone will wake up Christmas morning and I wont be there (I was the first of 4 kids to marry). It will never be the same.

And it wasn’t ever the same, but it was still good. It has been more then good, it has been amazing.


Moving on is hard. Moving on is exciting. Every day is a gift to be enjoyed. I’m always telling the kids (and myself), you cannot go back or forward–all we have is RIGHT NOW– so lets make it count.


  • heather

    We have a week of great events but they will come with heavy emotions. It’s hard to say goodbye and to look ahead for the good, but I’m hoping we are able! :-)

    • Megan Bray

      Best of luck to you and your family with all your events. The heavy emotions just mean it was THAT good and how lucky are y’all to have had it that good? :)

  • Danielle

    I have a hard time letting go as well! It’s the best of the highs to watch them grow up, but it’s with great sadness that they will never be this small again (something my husband fails to understand that I can be happy and sad at the same time!) Glad to know I’m not alone. BTW, you look AMAZING!!! Your fam isn’t too shabby, either. :)

    • Megan Bray

      Thank you so much for the kind words Danielle. This whole time passing thing is so tough. I just read a book in B&N called Someday — and I cried! I’m right there with you friend!

  • Natalie

    Love the family photo! Such special times.

    • Megan Bray

      Thank you Natalie. I cringe a little, but I know how important it is I get in photos–regardless of what the scale says.

      • Natalie

        Just remember that it’s always worth it. You want to be in those photos when you look back on things. You can’t make it up later. I know you have had a hard time with it (I feel you… there was a time I fit into shorts I never thought I’d fit in….and I’m beyond fitting in them now. Life happens. We’ll get to where we need some time.)