Being Intentional

With the convenience of my iPhone, I kind of stopped being intentional with my photographing. I can snap a photo whenever and with great ease. I am unbelievably grateful for this. But sometimes when things are easy, we forget to make them intentional.

The other day, Ross and I were outside with just Hudson. That never happens and it didn’t last long. While I was watching him explore and the sun glow around him, I thought to myself: now would be a great time to take pictures.

I ran inside and grabbed my big girl camera and just snapped photos of Hudson as he went about doing what a 14 month old does. He looks like a ragamuffin, his onesie is soaked from the water table, our yard is a disaster—but this is our life!

When I uploaded the pictures I was completely taken aback by how much these pictures reflected Hudson and who he is today.


















He is my thinker, my tinkerer, and my stinker.



  • Jenny B

    Such a sweet series! I was just thinking earlier that I haven’t taken any pictures with my big girl camera in a long time. My oldest (9) got home today from spending half the week with the grandparents, and I didn’t realize how much I missed him (and how much I miss him being a LITTLE boy). So sweet and cuddly and cute. Sigh… Time just marches on too fast!

  • libbywilko

    I aim to get out my big camera at least once a week… Although I do love my iPhone , I do love the power of my dslr and quickness of it to capture the kids expressions.. How does 6&8 years pass so quickly. My babies are about to their birthdays.

  • Nikki Tatum Haynes

    Love it!!!

  • JaneEllen

    Oh my goodness ,he is so adorable, could just squeeze him and kiss him. I was so surprised to see how big Quinn is, not a baby anymore, big boy. Where does the time go, cannot believe how big Hudson is. He is just a sweetie like other two.
    Sorry so late commenting on your post, so behind reading. Got behind when pc sick for over 2 months, can’t seem to get caught up. Hope you and your family are having a wonderful summer. It doesn’t matter if your yard is messy or Hudson had wet one’sy, what’s important is getting photos of that dear little boy. Photos you’ll cherish when they’re grown up and you’re an old lady like me, you look at them and wish you could do it over, have them be babies again. Every time I look at photos of my kids when they were little I get tears in my eyes, so sweet and so adorable. Now they’re 54, 51 1/2, 50 and 44.