Laundry Room Printable


Shout® helps you deal with new baby stains Pregnancy is a blessing I am grateful to be experiencing for the fourth time. That being said, pregnancy offers its share of challenges. Heartburn, having to get up multiple times in the night to go to the bathroom and general discomfort to name a few. Another big challenge for me is keeping my belly free of stains. It seems that whatever I'm eating doesn't just end up in my ends up on my belly too! I just cannot sit close enough to the the table, due to the baby bump, and I can't seem to manage maneuvering over it without a blob ...

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Twenty-five Dollar Living Room Refresh


Recently I got the urge to rearrange furniture in my living room. We cannot move, we don't have a lot of money so rearranging furniture is one way that I make things feel fresh and new. When we finished moving things all around I said to my husband, "what do you think?".  His response, "Feels like 2014". And it does, because this room has been set up like this before. There are some slight variations. The beauty of rearranging furniture is you clean places you do not normally clean and you purge/edit your belongings. Aside from rearranging the furniture, I splurged and picked up a few ...

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Kitchen Command Center


If your life is anything like mine, this fall has you reminding yourself to just breathe. This October we will be welcoming baby number four into the family. That wasn't enough excitement though---I had to go and have gestational diabetes (read about that here). Yesterday, I had my first appointment with my doctor since my diagnosis. I was surprised to find out that twice a week, until baby comes, I will have to go in for non-stress tests and I should schedule an hour for each test. I almost cried right there in the office. When? How? We have one car. School starts Tuesday, with morning ...

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My Growing Boy


This post brought to you by Stride Rite. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Balancing Home. When your favorite store (Target) partners with one of your favorite brands (Stride Rite) it is pretty much always awesome. While roaming Target, as I so frequently enjoy doing, we checked out the Surprize shoes for Hudson. Nothing like finding out your child that has been running around in size 8's, needs a size 10, and then right there in the middle of Target you want to cry, because your baby isn't such a baby anymore. There is something about knowing that our fourth, ...

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Not My Week


Ironically, after writing about seeking balance and being pulled in a million directions and mom guilt (this post)-- this week happened. Monday afternoon was a regularly scheduled OB visit to check up on me and baby number four and it was also coupled with the much-loved glucose test. For those of you not familiar, you drink a disgusting drink similar to a soda syrup and then wait an hour to have a blood draw. This would be my fourth time doing it. Tuesday morning I was awoken by my phone, which is pretty rare. I saw it was my doctor's office and I'm pretty sure I mumbled, "Oh shit" ...

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Coloring Page Binder Cover Printable


Back in my school days I was quite the doodler. Oh, and on the phone. Remember when the phone was attached to a wall and you didn't really have anywhere to go or anything to do so you would just sit at the kitchen table and doodle? I'm dating myself, huh? Or I would just keep writing some random word from the conversation over and over again. Anyone else? Well doodling is making a comeback. You heard it here first! Were you unaware it ever went out of style? I decided to bust out my doodling skills again and made this fun little coloring page. Color it in however you please. It is ...

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Lighthouse Climb & Finding Balance


This past weekend we were able to visit our town's lighthouse. It was a scheduled lighthouse climb day. You have to be six to do it, so only Quinn qualified. Since I'm very pregnant, I let Ross hike up to the top of the lighthouse with him. He did facetime us from the top though! We had to get there early to secure our spot. Even though the other kids didn't get to climb, they enjoyed their time. Lately, I feel like I am being pulled in so many directions in my life. With summer nearing an end, I feel like there are so many things I need to fit in before the kids ...

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Make Cheap School Supplies Fun & Durable


This post brought to you by The Duck Brand. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Balancing Home. It is officially back to school season. Notice the supply displays in all the stores? Some of my friends from other parts of the country are already back at school! We don't start until September 1! We all like pretty things, but sometimes the 15 cent folders just make more sense. Amiright? If you want to stock up on the more bland and cheaper school supplies, I have a super fun way to make your school supplies prettier and more durable! Duck tape! With over 200 prints and colors ...

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Back To School Bag Topper Printable


These fun school themed bag toppers are pretty versatile and are most likely the last addition to this fun back to school collection. Stop by here to see the bunting and first day of school signs. There are also bookmarks, in both the stripes/apple print and the letter print. Find the printable bookmarks here. Today I'm sharing the bag toppers. Two print to a page. You can top just about anything. Trim it a bit for a lunch bag topper, dress up a snack or send a little gift. What will you be topping?       ...

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Back To School Bookmarks Printable


Quinn was just telling me he needed a bookmark and I thought that would make the perfect addition to our back to school collection. If you are looking for bunting or first day of school signs, you will need to check that out. The bookmarks print four to a page and are a mix of the letter print and the black and white stripe/apple print. They are perfect for at home, to send with the kiddos for school, to use in the classroom as a teacher or a fun little welcome back token. We are currently reading our very first Junie B. Jones book and the fourth Harry ...

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