Reading Log Printable


If your kids are like my kids, they love tracking things. Kids, like adults, need encouragement when reaching for goals. Whether you have a child who loves reading/being read to or are in the midst of encouraging your child to read more-- setting goals is motivating for everyone. A reading log is a great way to help children develop a life-long habit and is one of the best summer activities to sharpen developing brains. If you are setting goals, the recommended minimum for reading is 20 minutes a day.   We also have a fun writing journal printable to keep kids writing throughout ...

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20 Ground Beef Recipes

20 Ground Beef Recipes

The ever dreaded question--What's for dinner? Sometimes it feels like we are eating the same five things over and over again. We love buying ground beef in bulk and browning it all at once. That way a quick and a delicious meal is easy to throw together. We often find ourselves wondering what to do with that ground beef. Here are 20, sure to please, ground beef recipes. Hopefully, it makes the "what's for dinner?" question more bearable. Taco Pie via Balancing Home Simple Chili Mac Via Balancing Home Ground Beef & Chorizo Baked Tacos via Katie's Cucina Grandma's Zesty ...

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Birthday Breakfast


It is hard to believe my little girl is 4! It is absolutely unreal how quickly it has all passed. So unreal, that it wasn't until my sister-in-law sent out invites for their son's birthday, which is a week after Eleanor's, that I realized I better pull something together. We literally texted my family to come over for pancakes the next morning, because I knew they would all be around and they are all local. That, and our family keeps getting bigger and our house is the same size, so fitting both sides is crazy. I then ran to Target that night where I pick up a Happy Birthday banner, ...

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Kid Journal Pages Printable


It is hard to believe that just a year ago I was fretting over sending my baby off to Kindergarten. Okay, the transition was rough! Sure, we stumbled a bit before finding the right fit, but it all turned out to be more then okay in the end. In January Quinn started at his new school and Eleanor started school for the first time. One of my favorite things Quinn brought home from school was his writing journal. I loved seeing the things he had to say and the way he illustrated them. I certainly have no intention of being a drill sergeant over the summer, but I would like to keep things fresh ...

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Hudson Turns Two


Hudson turned two on April 16 and I am just now getting around to documenting it. Just looking at the pictures, I can see he has already changed. The weather was iffy on Hudson's birthday and we didn't have any specific plans. We picked Eleanor up from school and daddy from work and had lunch at Culver's. Ice cream and cheeseburgers for the birthday boy--his favorite! Ross and I decided, since it turned out to be a beautiful day that we should head to the Milwaukee Zoo. Spring in Wisconsin can be so unpredictable! We figured it would be two of Hudson's favorite things, he loves the zoo and ...

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New Adventures, Old Favorites


This post brought to you by Stride Rite. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Balancing Home. We fell in love with Stride Rite six years ago when we were shoe shopping for our first. We loved having him properly measured and Stride Ride had great variety, especially when I'm on the hunt for closed toed sandals that can hold up to my kids. Their shoes are durable and easy for the kids to put on. When we got to Eleanor, we found another thing to love--they carry wide. Balance bikes have become all the rage and I thought that would be perfect for Eleanor's ...

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Patriotic Printable Pack


We kept things pretty generic for this patriotic printable pack. We wanted you to be able to use it for cheering on the women in the World Cup, celebrating the Fourth of July, representing during Flag day, showing you support during Memorial day or being an awesome fan during the Olympics. This printable party pack includes a Land of the Free printable, great for parties or decor, bunting, bag topper, drink labels, and cupcake toppers, which can be used for straws or a cake bunting.     This watercolor inspired patriotic pack works great as ...

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A Patriotic Porch


I don't know if you happened to catch our porch makeover. Last year we finally did something about the dated wrought iron and ratty carpet. You can check out all the details here. To give you an idea of how bad it was, I leave you with this: I'm super excited to announce that our porch makeover was featured in the June issue of This Old House magazine! Since the holiday decor came down, I've been itching to get this porch ready for the spring. We got our porch all pretty just in time for Memorial Day. Spring was slow-coming here in Wisconsin. We went to ...

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Bucket List Items


Did any of you fall in love with the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team during their March Madness run? My husband and I are both UW-Madison alumni. We met there and are raising some pretty big Badger fans ourselves. The Badgers had an incredible run, beating undefeated Kentucky to make it to the National Championship game. A lot of people did not expect it to go down quite like that, which meant that a lot of tickets were suddenly for sale. My husband became addicted to looking at tickets. On the day of the game he came home on his lunch, and was still checking tickets. His leftover ...

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Easter 2015


Lately, keeping up with life seems pretty tricky. I haven't had a handle on laundry for months. My house seems to live in a constant state of disaster. Even if it is cleaned, that barely makes it 24 hours. I have felt more exhausted with this pregnancy than any of the others. I've barely touched my blog. I've barely touched my blog, because there is no gorgeous holiday displays or crafty projects. There is just life-- and it is crazy and messy. It occurred to me that waiting for order and inspiration and perfection means I will never blog again. So I'm back-blogging. One of my favorite ...

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