Make Cheap School Supplies Fun & Durable


This post brought to you by The Duck Brand. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Balancing Home. It is officially back to school season. Notice the supply displays in all the stores? Some of my friends from other parts of the country are already back at school! We don't start until September 1! We all like pretty things, but sometimes the 15 cent folders just make more sense. Amiright? If you want to stock up on the more bland and cheaper school supplies, I have a super fun way to make your school supplies prettier and more durable! Duck tape! With over 200 prints and colors ...

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Alphabet Rocks


Last week I shared this fun Tic-Tac-Toe activty and printable. I told you that the obsession with rocks was big around here. Well, I managed to use up a ton more creating alphabet rocks. I used the same Elmers Painters Pens to write on the rocks. I did two sets of the alphabet and an extra set of the vowels. On one side is capital letters and on the other side are lower case letters. Now we can spell all sorts of fun things! The kids really like playing with them. They like being challenged to spell words or read words that we spell. That green basket on the ...

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Tic Tac Toe Rocks Activity or Gift


My children, Eleanor in particular, have an obsession with rocks. Their obsession is driving my husband crazy, because we have rocks sprawled all over our yard. I have a few rock crafts up my sleeve though. I have had these Elmer's Painters pens for years. I originally got them for a campaign way back when and have completed quite a few crafts with them. I'll share those projects at the bottom of the post. The rocks were gathered by my children at the beach. You technically only need nine, but a few extra never hurt. The burlap bag was actually part of a crafty prize package that I won ...

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Kid Craft – Folded Paper Caterpillar


Quinn came home from school super excited to share something he had made. He made these fun folded paper caterpillars and a little paper habitat for the caterpillars to live in at school. Not only did he want to share with me how he made these cute little critters, but he really wanted to teach all of my readers how to. Paper strips, scissors, glue and a pen or crayons is all you need. You start with two strips and place them perpendicular to each other and glue the ends together. Next, you just fold the paper strips over each other, alternating back ...

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My Coffee Story


This is a sponsored post. I remember my first "coffee". I was in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (go Badgers!). I tried a french vanilla cappuccino. I was tired, it was cold and it smelled so good. Totally commercialized, sugar/chemical laden dessert that bares very little resemblance to coffee, I know! But that is where it started. One day I picked one up and was waiting until I got to class to enjoy it. As I was crossing the street, my foot caught on one of the supportive legs of a construction sign and I fell. My cappuccino spilled all over me and everywhere and I had ...

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DIY Trick-or-Treat Halloween Tote


I'm participating in the #DesignSpaceStar competition. Creations are my own original artwork. Affiliate links are included. Creating a tote has to be one of my favorite ways to use my Cricut Explore™. You can get totes at the craft store for dirt cheap and use them for a million things. I have been creating printables for my blog and sharing them with you for years. It has been so much fun to take those creations and see them in a new light. The first printable I ever offered was this Halloween Printable and now I'm rocking it on a cute Halloween trick-or-treat tote. If ...

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Teacher Tote


In the spring, I was lucky enough to guest post over at Tatertots & Jello. Today, I'm sharing with you my teacher tote--a perfect fit for our fall fashion/gear category in the #DesignSpaceStar challenge. I created this tote using our Teacher Appreciation printable, my Cricut Explore™ and iron-on black glitter. If you are interested in creating this tote all you have to do is click here for the .png version of the printable. You can upload that into Cricut Design Space™ and you will be on your way to a super cute teacher tote!   Hard to believe fall and back to ...

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A Jeweled Box


I was recently walking through the craft store and I spied these wood boxes. Geodes, quartz, stone are totally in right now. Anthropologie has beautiful geode hardware I'm swooning over. I also recently saw two of my favorite bloggers, The Handmade Home and I Heart Organizing, creating with these elements. I had received the Elmer's ProBond product as part of this sponsored post. It is meant for attaching porous and non-porous surfaces and I knew it would work perfectly for my box. I took off the hardware and painted the entire box gold. This was the same DecoArt gold paint I ...

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Hudson’s First Birthday


This week/weekend has been so crazy packed that I couldn't even fit into one post. Well, at least not one post anyone would read. Wednesday, the 16th Hudson turned 1! This is baby #3 for me and I swear that with each kid, time just keeps going faster. I don't know how we got here so quickly. We started off his birthday with pancakes. This boy likes to eat. We went to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Last time we were there was in the fall and Hudson pretty much slept through the whole thing. That is, when we weren't stopping for nursing breaks. It was fun to see him really take it all in ...

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Craft Night


A few weeks ago I was able to host a craft night with my sister and Cricut. Cricut flew out a rep who we adored and she set up three machines and brought along a whole bunch of iron-on. Each attendee was given a bag and I loved watching how everyone made their bag their own! I will be sharing my bag on Tatertots & Jello next Friday. I thought it would be fun to share some of the bags my friends and family made. This one is from blogging friend, Alyson. The one below is Ann Marie's MIL Sharon, Parents of a Dozen. One of the best parts was that my ...

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