TV Gallery Wall and a Pen & Paint Giveaway


The husband and I recently turned the TV wall into a gallery wall, because we have nothing better to do. It isn't like we have three small children, or a mountain of laundry in our bedroom, or a garage and basement that need to be cleaned out-- just to name a few. Priorities people. Needless to say, I got it in my head that I NEEDED my TV to be surrounded by beauty and my gallery wall absolutely had to have a few Pen & Paint pieces. Have you guys seen her work? They are so colorful and full of beautiful saying and inspiration and they are handmade! If you stick around until the ...

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How To Make Mini Hamburger Cookies

These mini hamburger cookies are so easy to make and super tasty. Perfect for a summer BBQ

Is it just me or are things exceptionally cute when they are the wrong size? I first had these way back when, before I had kids, back when I was teaching. A student brought them in and I almost died over how cute they were. Right then and there I made up my mind that I would someday bring them into my child's classroom. That is back when I had really romanticized views of motherhood too. So in this picture I dreamed up I was skinny, stylish and pulled together delivering the worlds cutest treat for my little straight-A student. Our school district no longer allows homemade treats or ...

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Top 12 Posts of 2012

Top 12 Posts in 2012 From Balancing Home

This is a wrap to my first full year of blogging. Words cannot even begin to sum up how awesome it is to be part of the blogging community, to have all my wonderful readers and to be connecting with you all Facebook, Instagram, etc. Thank you to each and every one of you who click over, comment, share, pin and support Balancing Home. You have made it possible for me to grow, meet more people, land campaigns and help contribute to my family's income. I am incredibly grateful. To celebrate the end of 2012 I am sharing the top 12 posts that were created in 2012 via Google ...

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A Simple & Affordable Christmas Mantle

Simple Affordable Christmas Mantle

I tired the kids out with a trip to open gym at the local gymnastics center and a trip to great grandma and grandpa's house this morning. Now that they are off napping it is time for me to share our Christmas shelf. Before we get to that, I have gotta tell you about my weekend. If you follow me on Facebook you know that I was stoked about having a weekend with NO PLANS! I don't remember the last time that happened. With three Thanksgivings this week and the holidays around the corner, it is just what the doctor ordered. Only instead of being lazy, we did the impossible...the unthinkable-we ...

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Velvet Pumpkin Place Card Holder & Thanksgiving Table


I had so much making the velvet pumpkins the other day. When I got to putting together a Thanksgiving table I decided I wanted needed place card holders for my imaginary Thanksgiving dinner at the end of October. Yeah, us bloggers are way weird. This is like play time for me though. I had so much fun on the table and mini velvet pumpkin place card holders. Here is a quick tutorial on how to rock these. Promise they are simple. If the sewing part turns you off, no worries, I can't sew and I did it. 1. Cut fabric into 10.5 inch circle. I used a Pyrex lid as template. 2. Run a ...

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Pirate Party Dessert Table/Feature Wall


Quinn's birthday party was two weekends ago, he officially turned four on the sixth. Everytime I say: "I cannot believe you are four!" Quinn's says: "Mom, are you gonna cry?" Yup, they grow up so fast. So, so, so fast. At any rate, I think it is about time I got to sharing the deets on his Pirate party. I have a lot I want to share, but today I am just going to focus on the dessert table/feature wall. The wall went from fall: to Pirate Party: To Halloween: We have definitely been busy around here decorating. I personally like to choose one place (this ...

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Halloween Mantle


Me and my shelf are like that (picture me with fingers crossed). We are always hanging out, switching it up. Just this fall, the shelf went from: fall, to decked out for Quinn's pirate birthday (I'll share later), to Halloween. We have done it up for Christmas, and Valentine's Day, and just regular old days. Without further ado, here is the spooktacular Halloween mantle.   The tree cut outs, tombstones and spider webbing were all dollar store finds. The giant spider web on the mirror is from a long, long, long time ago. The skulls and hand are all from ...

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Burlap & Fabric Flower Wreath


I know, I is only August. But fall is right around the corner so I thought I would get started now. The burlap & fabric flower wreath is the first step to attaining my "fall mantle". We are using air quotes (If we really were talking, those would be air quotes), because it isn't actually a mantle. I don't actually have a fireplace, but a board from Home Depot does the trick. Click on over to learn a tad more about the dining room shelf (a.k.a mantle). Nothing says fall to me like burlap and shades of orange. I wanted something simple and flexible. Early fall, Halloween, ...

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DIY Rope Vase or Utensil Crock


Once upon a time we went to a movie and bought a soda in an embarrassing large cup. If you ever find that your better judgement has failed and you have a cup the size of your head, there are things you can do to remedy your guilt. Know that the obscene amount of money you spent for a movie theater drink was not all in vain. As we were leaving the theater I was all, "Don't throw that away! I can make something with that." Some might say hoarder. I like to say recycle, inventive, reuse, GENIUS! Because really, who knew garbage could look this good? I am proud to say that I rocked that ...

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Stenciled Drapes


Let me start by saying I have never successfully stenciled anything. I see beautifully stenciled things and wonder, HOW DID THEY DO THAT? Making the decision to stencil my drapes was a big one! I was really nervous, but I knew I wanted some bold curtains and this was the most affordable option. When I looked into stenciling one name in the blog world kept coming up over and over again. That was Cutting Edge Stencils. I am in love with the results. I feel like they completely finish off the space. Best. Decision. Ever. If it turns out you all have lots of questions I might do a more ...

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