Art That Speaks To You


When we were working on making the living room totally fab and totally us, we (the husband and I) created some new art work. We wanted some color and we wanted to hang something up that meant something to us. We designed prints, which you can read more about here, and have been thoroughly enjoying them. We have two 24 x 36 prints, flanking the front window. Custom prints, means the sky is the limit. What ever colors inspire you, we can do. It can be the piece that ties a room together and has real meaning for you and your family. I totally found those pillows after the ...

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Friday Favorites

Dish Towels

Here are a few things that are making me smile these days. I am kind of obsessed with fun dish towels. They come in so many fun colors and prints. I keep finding them at T.J. Maxx for so cheap. They are useful and pretty and they make me smile. While we are on kitchen stuff, this new counter top spray makes cleaning the kitchen kind of fun. It smells so good and I am a sucker for packaging. I love changing out art work. I love freshening up my space with some new eye candy. These are prints made by us (you can find them in our Etsy shop). I finally bit the bullet ...

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Our New Prints Arrived

New Prints

I love, love, love getting packages. Who doesn't? Today our prints arrived. We love them! It is one thing to see your creation on the computer and it is a whole other thing to see it in real life all big and bold and beautiful. If you have been a reader for a while you know I am on a mission to bring color into our living room. You may recall my motto, "Go bold or go home". So we decided to put a twist on the standard subway art we have been doing. When all was said and done I am going to be honest, I was nervous! I started to think I might not like it. When I opened up the package I got ...

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Prints for Sale!


We have been hard at work and have a few more prints available in the print shop. Be sure to check us out! Keep us in mind if you are ever looking for that something special. If you like what you see spread the word. Letting people know we are here is half the battle. Thank you all my loyal followers :). ...

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Boys Build Forts (or have their moms do it for them)

Homemade Camp Fire

Boys will be boys. Really, they will. We didn't even use the word gun for the first three years of Quinn's life and he called it a "blaster thing". He didn't have one so he turned Mr. Potato Head's fire extinguisher into one. There is no way around it. Quinn is all boy and all energy. Wisconsin winters can be tough when there is lots of energy and nowhere for it to go. We all know how much Quinn loves building with my pillows (which you can read about here, here and here). He also loves building forts. This time when he asked to roast marshmallows I went all in and quickly collected some ...

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Did You Happen to Catch These Prints?

Shut the Front Door Print

As you all know (from this post) our print shop is on Etsy. Don't know if you caught the last two prints we added. Here they are (starting with my personal favorite) Shut the Front Door (buy here) I love all the textured/worn away goodness! Remember, these can come in whatever color your heart desires! I Want to Grow Old With You (buy here) With Valentine's day just around the corner I must say this would make a super fabulous gift. I am hoping we can carve out some time this weekend to work on some more prints. Thanks for letting me share. Hope you ...

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New Prints and New Location

Balancing Home Custom Print Shop

We have decided to stop running our own shop and jumped on board the Etsy train. I am really excited about the new options we have to offer! Just about all of our prints come in two size choices. We have 18x24 for more of a statement. If you are on a tighter budget our 8.5x11 prints are perfect! The 8.5x11 prints are designed to fit within an 8x10 opening. I personally think they look best in a matted frame with an 8x10 opening. We have just about every room, occasion and person taken care of and we still have tons more prints to add! Exciting, isn't it? All colors are customizable. So Lets ...

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Whatever Wednesday: Get Your Gallery On

We did our gallery wall for free! My husband and I have debated this fact. He says it is not free, because all this stuff was bought at some point. I say the gallery wall was free, because if I hadn't made it all this stuff would be lying around the house anyways. My logic is: I spent the same amount of money whether the gallery wall exists or does not exist. What do you guys think? Obviously it was all filled with some home-made artwork (more on that later, even though I know you have gotten some sneak peaks). I started this gallery wall by looking around our house and finding ...

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Get Your Custom Silhouette Art!

The Balancing Home Print Shop is now offering custom silhouette art. Send us your photo and we will turn it into a silhouette. You choose the colors and the word or phrase. After checking out, email Attach a high resolution photo, include your phrase and color choices in the body and sit back and wait for your custom print to arrive. Some options that run through my mind. A family silhouette with the word family. Another great option would be an action shot of your child and the name of the sport. How sweet would that be in a teen room? The possibilities are endless. ...

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Our Shop Is Expanding!!

I am so excited to announce that our shop is expanding! we have added some more prints and more print options for super affordable art. We added customizable birth announcement art (which I adore and will definitely be hanging in my kids' room).To order your own custom birth announcement art you click on the shop tab, check out using google checkout and then click on the custom form link below the shop. Fill out the custom form so we have everything we need to rock out your very own custom print. What is super cool is we offer these in an 8x10 pdf form, which allows you to print them at home. ...

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