Laundry Room Printable


Shout® helps you deal with new baby stains Pregnancy is a blessing I am grateful to be experiencing for the fourth time. That being said, pregnancy offers its share of challenges. Heartburn, having to get up multiple times in the night to go to the bathroom and general discomfort to name a few. Another big challenge for me is keeping my belly free of stains. It seems that whatever I'm eating doesn't just end up in my ends up on my belly too! I just cannot sit close enough to the the table, due to the baby bump, and I can't seem to manage maneuvering over it without a blob ...

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Coloring Page Binder Cover Printable


Back in my school days I was quite the doodler. Oh, and on the phone. Remember when the phone was attached to a wall and you didn't really have anywhere to go or anything to do so you would just sit at the kitchen table and doodle? I'm dating myself, huh? Or I would just keep writing some random word from the conversation over and over again. Anyone else? Well doodling is making a comeback. You heard it here first! Were you unaware it ever went out of style? I decided to bust out my doodling skills again and made this fun little coloring page. Color it in however you please. It is ...

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Back To School Bag Topper Printable


These fun school themed bag toppers are pretty versatile and are most likely the last addition to this fun back to school collection. Stop by here to see the bunting and first day of school signs. There are also bookmarks, in both the stripes/apple print and the letter print. Find the printable bookmarks here. Today I'm sharing the bag toppers. Two print to a page. You can top just about anything. Trim it a bit for a lunch bag topper, dress up a snack or send a little gift. What will you be topping?       ...

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Back To School Bookmarks Printable


Quinn was just telling me he needed a bookmark and I thought that would make the perfect addition to our back to school collection. If you are looking for bunting or first day of school signs, you will need to check that out. The bookmarks print four to a page and are a mix of the letter print and the black and white stripe/apple print. They are perfect for at home, to send with the kiddos for school, to use in the classroom as a teacher or a fun little welcome back token. We are currently reading our very first Junie B. Jones book and the fourth Harry ...

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Marriage Advice Printable Card for Wedding Shower


My husband just returned from his six day business trip. I'm something like seven months pregnant and have a 2, 4 and 6 year-old, so over the last six days I've mostly been consumed with keeping us all alive and not melting into some hormonal sob/yelling fit. I mostly succeeded. To the parents that do this on the regular--major props! Earlier we posted some fun printable recipe cards that are oh-so-chic if I do say so myself. I mentioned that they would be a great addition to a wedding shower or a wedding gift. For my wedding shower the guests all brought their favorite recipe and that is a ...

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First Day of School Signs & Bunting


Hard to believe that it is already time to be thinking about back to school. I feel really at peace with the nearing of the school year. Which is saying a lot if you remember how last year went (Need a refresher? Find it here). I'm in no rush to get through summer, but the last few years have been full of angst and worry. Half-way through last year we found the perfect fit! Read about that here. Eleanor will be heading into the same class and Quinn will be starting first grade so he will be starting a new loop. Hudson will be home with me and we will be welcoming a brand new baby girl this ...

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Printable Recipe Card


I whipped up a cute little recipe card box that I will be sharing on Tatertots & Jello in August. Obviously, the next logical step is to make darling, chic little recipe cards to go with it. I love that these recipe cards have a hand lettering feel. These are laid out 3 to a page, size 4x6. Perfect for sliding in a photo album too. I think they would make a cute addition to a gift or a great addition to a wedding shower. Everyone brought a recipe to my wedding shower and I still use those today! In the photo is my favorite banana bread recipe. So simple and so yummy! ...

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Packing The Perfect Lunch


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Rubbermaid through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about LunchBlox, all opinions are my own This summer has been nothing but go, go, go. A little thinking ahead goes a long way in making our outings more enjoyable for everyone. There is no wrath quite like a hungry two-year-old. The Rubbermaid LunchBlox is the perfect way to keep our busy family happy this summer and will be just as useful this fall when we are back in school mode. There are three containers and an ice pack. The best part is the way ...

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Tic Tac Toe Rocks Activity or Gift


My children, Eleanor in particular, have an obsession with rocks. Their obsession is driving my husband crazy, because we have rocks sprawled all over our yard. I have a few rock crafts up my sleeve though. I have had these Elmer's Painters pens for years. I originally got them for a campaign way back when and have completed quite a few crafts with them. I'll share those projects at the bottom of the post. The rocks were gathered by my children at the beach. You technically only need nine, but a few extra never hurt. The burlap bag was actually part of a crafty prize package that I won ...

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Reading Log Printable


If your kids are like my kids, they love tracking things. Kids, like adults, need encouragement when reaching for goals. Whether you have a child who loves reading/being read to or are in the midst of encouraging your child to read more-- setting goals is motivating for everyone. A reading log is a great way to help children develop a life-long habit and is one of the best summer activities to sharpen developing brains. If you are setting goals, the recommended minimum for reading is 20 minutes a day.   We also have a fun writing journal printable to keep kids writing throughout ...

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