Kid Craft – Folded Paper Caterpillar


Quinn came home from school super excited to share something he had made. He made these fun folded paper caterpillars and a little paper habitat for the caterpillars to live in at school. Not only did he want to share with me how he made these cute little critters, but he really wanted to teach all of my readers how to. Paper strips, scissors, glue and a pen or crayons is all you need. You start with two strips and place them perpendicular to each other and glue the ends together. Next, you just fold the paper strips over each other, alternating back ...

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Five Things Friday


1. Whole30 Update This is my "studio" where I recorded my thoughts on Whole30 for a segment running on Dr. Oz. Who would have thunk? After finishing Whole30, I didn't know where to go so I figured I would just do another round. After more reading and research, I realized that I had to trust myself. So I have been "off-roading" it. I definitely think I will have more Whole30's in my future--to regulate things. 2. My Readers Rock! Every time I throw something out to my readers they rock my socks! The damage the pizza box left on our kitchen table, that I mentioned here, is GONE! ...

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Porch Makeover Details


Yesterday I shared how we made and hung our very cool number sign as part of our porch makeover. Today, I want to share the details of this project. When we first looked at our house 7 years ago all I saw was wrought iron vines and grapes. I almost didn't even set foot inside because I couldn't get past this. It made the house feel dated and like something meant for a grandma. Ironically, the entire house was dated, but I loved the neighborhood and immediately had a vision. Over the course of 7 years we have taken down walls, gutted the kitchen and bathroom, tore up carpet, ...

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The Kitchen & A Printable


You don't have to compromise on clean to be green. Today I'm sharing my kitchen, some cleaning and organizational tips and a printable. I have to tell you guys that I am a big fan of Clorox Greenworks. I first bought the all-purpose spray last spring for a campaign and have become a big fan. You really can get everything out of the bottle and it sprays so nicely. I use the all-purpose spray on EVERYTHING! Countertops, quick cabinet rub-downs, appliances, blinds. The bathroom too! Read that here. Surprisingly, even though we have a dishwasher--I use dish soap pretty ...

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Turning Kid Art into Gift Tags


Eleanor loves to paint. She practically asks to paint everyday. She creates pieces like this. I started to feel bad about throwing them away, but I certainly wasn't going to just save them all. That is when I had the idea to bust out my Cricut and turn them into gift tags. This literally took minutes. I picked a gift tag shape I liked in the Cricut Design Space and hit Go. I also cut out those adorable feathers on the Cricut. I'm obsessed! You can write on the front or the back, depending on what kind of masterpiece your child has created. The ...

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How To Make Tissue Paper Tassel Garland

how to make tissue paper tassel garland

I just love tissue paper tassel garland. It is fun and festive and has just the right touch of whimsy. Don't ya think? I used some in a game day post that you can find here. There are lots of fun football printables in that post plus I have every single letter in the alphabet available so you can make your own bunting. Anyways, Tissue paper garland is fun for parties, holiday decor, children's rooms or anywhere you need fun and color. To make tissue paper tassel garland you will need tissue paper, string and a cutting tool. You can use scissors or an X-ato, ruler, and cutting ...

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Bathroom Updates, Organization & Printable


You don't have to compromise on clean to be green. This weekend we tackled our bathroom. Remember a week before my scheduled c-section with baby #3 when we gutted the bathroom? We finished it just in time and there it sat. This weekend it got a good cleaning, some reorganization and some style, because let's face it--that is the fun part. I re-organized the shelf above the toilet. It use to house pull-ups for Eleanor, but I found a new home for those. Now it has toilet paper, towels and this fun bathroom art. You can find the bathroom art in a few colors at the bottom ...

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A DIY Shirt With a Special Touch


I am so excited about this project. As soon as I finished I texted a picture to my mom and my friend and anyone who would listen. Now let me start by saying how blessed I was to invited out to Utah to meet the fine people at Cricut and get a sneak peek at the new Cricut |explore. Crazy inspirational. I was dying to get my hands on a machine. In a way it is almost overwhelming, because there is so much this machine can do. I didn't even know where to start. I want to make everything!! As soon as I got my log-ins for Design Space (still in Beta mode), I had to make something. I was a ...

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How to Paint Stripes & Our Dining Room Wall Update

paint stripes

It happened. The shelf has come down. As much fun as that shelf was, it was time for a change. Kind of like when you just decide to chop off your hair--randomly, one day. Or am I the only one who does that? We are kind of in love with stripes around here. We painted them in our living room when we first moved in (those are long gone), we also painted them in Eleanor's room, which is now Hudson's room. We actually covered this once before (here), but I still get questions about it a lot. Our method hasn't changed. I want to start off by apologizing for the dark/blurry iPhone ...

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Because Who Really Wants to Vacuum the Stairs

cleaning stairs

This post brought to you by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine. Confession: Our stairs have been vacuumed once in a year--give or take. I'm pretty sure just once, during my all out nesting session prior to having Hudson. The kids' rooms upstairs--not that much better. First you would have to be able to get to the floor before you could vacuum it. Maybe your kids have clean rooms and your stairs get vacuumed daily. I bow down to you. Maybe you are like me and keeping the living space--well, liveable, clean clothes on the kids and dinner on the table is about all you can ...

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