Father’s Day Gift Basket Giveaway

Father's Day Gift Basket Giveaway

Is tomorrow really June? Man time is flying by. You know what June means? Father's Day! Did you happen to catch the Father's Day printables? Holiday Gift Baskets is giving away a basket valued at up to $75 to 2 lucky winners! There are a bunch of different basket options so there is sure to be something for every dad. Check out all the options here. Gourmet grilling, coffee, movies, beer--there seems to be a basket for everything. Enter the giveaway by using the Rafflecopter widget below. Entries will be reviewed and duplicate or incomplete entries will be removed. NOTE - You must ...

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Father’s Day Printable Questionnaire


Yes, Father's day is just around the corner. How did that happen so quickly? This Father's Day Questionnaire printable is available on the blog now. I cannot wait to see what Quinn has to say. Any guesses as to what Quinn said he would give me if he could give me any present in the world? A fan. Yup, a fan. I don't know where kids get these things. He had some really touching answers and it sure made me feel loved to hear them. (click here to find the mother's day questionnaire printable) If we take a blast to the past we can see some other Father's Day fun from the blog of father's day ...

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Father’s Day Card Printable

Happy Father's Day Card Printable

A card for dad. The front. The whole kit & caboodle. Don't forget to fill it with all sorts of mushy, gushy stuff about dad. Make sure and let him know just how awesome he is. I always give Ross a card too. He isn't my dad, but he is my children's dad and I appreciate all that he does as their father. I have a pretty awesome partner in parenting and Father's Day is a great time to let him know. As always, you can download this with the link below. This card is 5.5 x 8.5 (half a sheet of paper). It is meant to be folded in half. Any of you have some fun Father's Day ...

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Grilling and Family


Today we got a head start on Father's day and headed out to Kmart to pick up some grilling tools for dad. Here in Wisconsin it is grilling season and we intend on taking full advantage of summer. This was the perfect way to spend a Sunday night and wrap up a wonderful weekend. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and I couldn't be more blessed. Join us! We have a small hand-me-down charcoal grill. It can be a pain to start and a real deal-breaker on a windy day. We headed out to Kmart looking for grilling tools. There was one thing the husband knew he had to have, a charcoal starter. ...

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DIY Father’s Day Photo Cube


Looking for something a little manly, but sentimental for dad? Something he can put on his desk, but not to0 frilly? Grab a $.99 block of wood from the craft store, some Mod Podge and print off a few of your favorite photos. To add an extra personal touch, leave a special message on the bottom of the cube for D.E.O. (dad's eyes only). Trim photos to size and apply with Mod Podge.  Apply sealer to photos prior if you are printing them on your home printer so the ink doesn't smear.  If you would like an aged look rub the edges with an ink pad to give your photo cube a distressed look ...

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