Maze Printable Valentine Activity


I updated last year's, You are ah-MAZE-ing printable Valentine, because I wanted it to better fit with this fun collection of non-candy and EOS lip balm printable Valentines we made this year.   Keep things really simple by using washi tape to tape a pencil to the back. Washi tape looks pretty and comes off easily, without ruining the valentine. It is such a fun collection of Valentines, so be sure to check the rest out here: Love is In the Air, To a Real Gem, You Are My Sunshine, You Are the Apple of My Eye, Stop in the Name of Love, You are the X to my O, You ...

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Valentine Printable For the Little Ones

#Printable #Valentine Non Candy with #Arrow Pencil

This Valentine is a fun play on words, but most importantly it is a non-candy Valentine that can keep the kiddos busy. A teacher's favorite kind. Trust me, I know (I was a teacher). They print off four to a sheet and are just dandy the way they are. If you want to include a pencil you could just washi tape one and be done. I got a little more crafty and had my pencil become an arrow that is piercing the heart. So the husband is the graphic designer. Let me show you what I gave him to work with. Then I sit behind him and boss him around and drive him crazy. I love watching him ...

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