Thanksgiving Mantle

Thanksgiving Feast

We have been busy filling our jar with gratitude around here. Quinn loves telling me what he is thankful for. Every morning he asks if I can write down what he is thankful for and everyday I fall more in love with my little guy. I swear, as a mom, you think you love your kids more than anything in the world and then you start to love them more and more and more and you didn't even know more love was possible. Who could have fathomed? Aside from our jar of gratitude, our table is still decorated for Thanksgiving. Well the place settings are gone, but the beautiful velvet pumpkin ...

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Southwest Inspired Dinner Table


It is no secret, I am not the biggest fan of cooking. I love a good presentation though. Playing around with a pretty table setting is my kind of fun. I had the luxury of receiving a gift card to World Market in the mail. I jumped at the opportunity to pick up a few pieces for my dining room. Fun fact, my table is actually from World Market. My husband and I stumbled upon it, on clearance, when walking through World Market right after we were married. It was the first piece of furniture we bought. For a while we had the table, some folding chairs around it and a Wisconsin bucket chair ...

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