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  • srpapercrafter

    I think I just found the gift I’ll give our soon to be 15 yr. old granddaugter.  Seems like I remember her Mom mentioning she was wanting a bulletin board so off I’ll go to the thrift store to find a frame to put it in. I’ll get a roll of cork to put on it, some burlap and there we are. Just in time as her b/d is Feb. 9th. Just in the nick of time.  Thx so much for the inspiration.  good on. 
    A busy grama.  what can you buy for a 15 yr. old when you’re not rich?

    • http://www.balancinghome.com Megan Bray

      Glad I could help! She will love it. What a sweet grandma you are :)

  • JaneEllen Jones

    Good for you Mom  It’s hard to see our kids do things that are hurtful. How do they learn that?  Keep up the good work Mom.
    There are so many parents now that just can’t be bothered to make the effort to make those learning situations count. It’s so sad as we are getting a generation of cold and nasty people out of sweet innocent chidren.  Yeah Kids will repeat behavior they know is not right but they seem to need to find out just how wrong that behavior is.  Nobody ever said raising children was easy. We can’t just “hatch”  ’em then let ’em go on their own but too many people do. 
     I can remember my kids (4) telling me a few times that they hated me. While that hurt to hear I had to talk to them about why they said what they did and why I had to do what made them say they hated me.  I was the bad guy with the kids. Husband chose to be good guy all the years they were growing up. Now that they have kids of their own they understand why I had to be the “bad guy”. Hubby is still good guy. Go figure.